Monday, July 9, 2018

Leggo My Ego

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  1. Little bitch. Shoulda smacked her one and then smacked her red-neck bitch of a mother because no kid becomes a fucking little shit all by itself.

  2. The Beast Among Us

    Is the reflection of the “big black man” being hidden by the reflection of the laughing blonde woman?

  3. This image has been circulating for awhile – it was actually posted by a woman whose kid kept whining for frozen waffles so she stuck her in the cooler. Hijacked by some twat who is trying to make it about race.

  4. Nique-Ta-Mere That kid isn’t really there, you dipshit. It is incredibly obvious that someone photoshopped her into the picture. Just look at how her head is in front of the orange shelf. That would be impossible because there is only maybe an inch of space between the shelf and the freezer door when closed.

    Oh, and fuck you for calling a terrified child a bitch and saying she deserves physical pain.

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