Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lethal Debate

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  1. I’m too old for this shit…

  2. Oh, that’s rather clever. He made us think he was talking about the debate, but he was really talking about Lethal Weapon. Man, the twist is almost unbearable.

  3. ^Actually, he made me think he was talking about Lethal Weapon and then there wasn’t a punchline.

  4. The white guy was saying all sorts of crazy shit that didn’t really make sense almost as if he really had nothing to lose and didn’t care anymore, but in the end all his crazy bullshit worked out well for him and he wound up in a better place than where he started.

  5. ^History of the world part I, II, and III

  6. I’m confused. At first I thought he was talking about ‘Chicks with Dicks III’ but he mentions lethal weapon. I’m not reading this right

  7. #4. yawn of the dan. if you’re gonna have a crack at writing a joke – don’t forget the punchline, you boring tosser.

  8. I expanded on the similarities between the movie and the debate, you stupid shit!

  9. haha! ‘yawn’ of the dan, amirite?!

  10. Troll on, trollah.

  11. haha. zing.

  12. rotfl. burn.

  13. oh. yawn.

  14. You’re goofy.

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