Monday, April 23, 2012

Let’s Eat!

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  1. Straight BLACK men.

  2. You know what they say. Eat at the Y where the food’s hot and the gravy’s always good. >.<

  3. Steeeever loves goat cock

  4. Whats a gynacologst? :/

  5. This is fake.

  6. Jack88 … it’s the dude that gives T1000 his Pap smears.

  7. Nah it’s not fake, you can tell by the pixels.

  8. T1000 needs a therapist not a gynecologist, or both. But definitely a therapist.

  9. Incorrect. Human psychology is one of my functions.

  10. Your like the dude of American Pie, Shemenater. And I’ll tell you what Jenna told him, that act will not get you laid!

  11. As I cannot produce bodily fluids, there is therefore no need to engage in sexual intercourse.

  12. Its for the best, T1000.

  13. Correct. I have no interest in increasing the human population. The chinese have done a good job of that already.

  14. OK, so you haven’t reached puberty. Makes sense really, which means I’m talking to a child on the internet. So before someone calls the cops I’m going to have to, erm, “terminate” this conversation.

  15. Incorrect. I am 34 years old.

  16. Then that, sir, is tragic.

  17. ^ that is so sad.

  18. (I was talking to the 34year old who wants to be a storm trooper.)

  19. Whats wrong with your eyes?

  20. wait…there’s something wrong with that??
    *hides stormtrooper, darth vader, and various superhero costumes*

  21. Incorrect, frankenstein. Stormtroopers miss when they shoot.

  22. Whose eyes may you be referring to T1000?

    And I’ve changed my mind… you do need a gynecologist after all.

  23. @21. Dalek?

  24. Frankensteins eyes.

  25. I was hoping for more context from that question, but guess you can’t expect too much from a 34yo robot wannabee troll.

  26. In what ways am I a wannabe troll?

  27. why, in the ways that make you one-dimensional and thoroughly transparent, dickhead.

  28. In the ways he has managed to piss so many of you off. Of course, that is your collective fault, so you have created the monster. Now live with it.

  29. no. i don’t think so.

  30. Awesome! Just what I ALWAYS wanted, diseased vagina for lunch! Come on guys, they have fresh squeezed lemonade and bloody mary’s are 2for1 after 5!

  31. really? you’d pay for irritated cunt when this place is ankle-deep in it?

  32. I wonder if they have any waffles, blue ones.

  33. They probably have lots of them, if they have any vaginal warts that need bursting then you could pop them and we could put them on the blue waffles and pretend we have blueberries and custard.

  34. that was truly disgusting crusty. well done!

  35. crusty, will you be providing fresh han-whipped cream with that?

  36. *hand-whipped.
    because i meant wanking.

  37. ^Are you sure you didn’t mean cream whipped during the Han dynasty in ancient China? I would’ve liked that more.

  38. nope. masturbation.

  39. I seen that devil touching you got on your blog.

    You goin ta hell for that, you harlot.

    And you probably caused that tsunami

  40. yeah. i’m pretty willing to risk going to a bullshit made-up place after i’m dead.
    sounds legit.

    which tsunami?

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