Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let’s Get It On





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  1. lame

  2. thjird

  3. huh?

  4. some one needs to explain the second one for me please

  5. I actually tried to click “like” on the first one, I enjoyed it so much.

  6. The second one? I think the “lameness” is the friend’s stories of everyone fucking on her Goodwill recliner. It’s her way of demonstrating that this particular Goodwill is a really good one since her recliner from their withstood three instances of people banging on it.

  7. I too like turtles.

    What’s the “Pre Mature Ejaculation Society”, people who ejaculate before they are mature enough to handle the consequences? Hmm, odd.

    Malia isn’t really recommending the place – their furniture obviously isn’t very sturdy.

    I wonder what Travis needs to print so desperately? Does his school/ college/ public library not have facilities to avoid the need for prostitution?

    And finally, Zaid – not very classy. But thank God for modern technology, now we will always know what we got up to. I know from experience!

  8. Zombie Kid, my 6 year old always says that lol

  9. People need to learn that I really don’t wanna know about they’re sex lives unless its a hillarious sex blunder story.

  10. @Pink, you really don’t know what premature ejaculation is? Or were you referring to making it two words?

  11. flash in the pants

    @Pink, I so hope you are kidding or at the very least English is not your first language.

  12. Jeez… Pink was commenting on the literal difference between “premature” and “pre mature.” I think Pink was being very clever and it seems obvious to me that Pink is extremely well-versed in the English language.

  13. Which is why I asked! I wasn’t being insulting. Maybe the second commenter was, but I honestly wanted to know if she didn’t understand or was being facetious.

  14. Today’s blog: I have posted pics of me felching a dog.

  15. TheGreatGreatGoblox


  16. I am more than competent in English, and yes I was preferring to the fact that it was split into 2 words. Seriously people, if you’re not smarter than the lamesters just go away and laugh at some pigeons or something.

  17. support people who actually need it:

  18. Even though I find the cum/come jokes lame ,I lol’d at Chris !

  19. #6, #7, #8
    I have a feeling the confusion for C-dizzle came from the fact that if you’re not American/haven’t been to America you probably don’t realise that Goodwill is a shop, and a lazyboy is a type of chair…

    Joke 1 – lame, but fucking hilarious. I’m such a child.

  20. @pink

    most people who are more than competent at the english language know the difference between “prefer” and “refer”. that was seriously lame.

  21. I’m wondering exactly what position two guys would have to get into to fuck on a lazy boy chair… I’m seeing some contortionism..

  22. @jelly
    LOL I had totally missed that it was 2 guys

  23. im totaly gonna add Zaid

  24. shit i forgot to write snarf snarf on my last post snarf snarf

  25. Snarf Snarf 😉

  26. Did Temper say “HIM and his BF”!? Shes kept a chair for 10 years that a couple of dudes fucked on?! In my opinion, that’s gross.

  27. @Interesting:

    Because two guys is way more gross than two people in general having sex on it! Of course. I get it now.

  28. Yeah seriously #27, wtf?

  29. OK! I apologize, I guess that was a little homophobic. I did say however, “in my opinion”… to each his own.

  30. I think if I’d found out my friend had had sex on my chair, be they a hetrosexual or homosexual couple I would ask them to get it professionally cleaned – or tell them some horror story about the bodily fluids already contained on it

  31. Yeah doesn’t matter at all if hetero or homo. Gross either way.

  32. @CJP
    That’s so awesome, good for you. I hope you manage to raise that money, and it’s actually a half decent song which I wasn’t expecting. Nice work.

  33. @CJP – Yep, lets unload another load of old shit into the charts. It certainly got my vote. Terrible.

  34. why is the one person searching for me a complete douchebag?

  35. also, why would I want a “Nice Jewish Guy” calendar? I’d rather they be “Nude Jews”.

  36. We should kill all the Jews.

  37. @Cartman: Do they not respect your authoritah?

  38. so having sex can be cheap..even at a good will blowout sale

  39. As a college student, I can totally see myself in Travis’ situation.. leaving shit to the last minute and then having technology failing is reason enough for prostitution.

  40. Bree wins

  41. i know travis. hahahahahahahah.

  42. i wonder how many people added zaid

  43. seriously, why would you want to advertise that you are going to a premature ejaculation dinner? especially since that it implies that the person who posted the comment is suffering from such problems LMAO

  44. @HElisha: My God. Think about it. Read it back to yourself, go on.

  45. I think I went to school with Zaid. 🙂

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