Friday, May 17, 2013

License to Creep

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  1. Seems legit

  2. Free Cindy!

  3. That looks kind of like a jeep, not a van; there’s that tire thingy in the back, as you can see in the top-left corner.

  4. I also wonder if this person who owns that vehicle have been pulled over many times for suspicion.

  5. Scalabrineisgod

    So does anyone know if bacchante and msannethrope are done with this site? No verbal abuse please im jus curious

  6. MsAnneThrope has apparently packed up her bags and quit. Last seen around September 2012. A shame, her virtuoso put-downs were a joy. You can find her on tumblr under bootyregrit.
    Bacchante was busy here in early 2012 but has only been an occasional visitor since then – last appearance in March?

  7. ^ wow. Can you tell me where in the fuck Walt is? I’m only on season 3 of Lost.

  8. ^don’t go any further. Just.. don’t. Whatever you make up in your head will be better. Much, much better.

  9. It’s an 80’s custom van with a ladder. My family had one when I was a kid.

  10. sugartitsmcgee

    That’s what everyone keeps telling me, Frankie. But, the obsessive fan girl in me keeps on going back for more.

  11. I’m just glad Himalayan Hindu has taken the advice of numerous users and fucked off.

  12. #10 Voldemort ends up sleeping with Albus. Booya total spoiler.

  13. sugartitsmcgee

    Now that sounds like some fan-fiction I could fucks with

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