Thursday, July 7, 2011

Likeable Logic

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  2. Spot on Stephen…spot on.

  3. Stephen has a purse?


  5. It seems that kal likes putting his junk in purses. Alrighty.

  6. Awesome Steeeever, that is never a lame post no matter how many times you repeat it, ie, ad nauseum.


  7. larry copied that of a group
    i hate people who see a group and write it as their status as if they came up with it all by themselves
    i hate larry


    I WIN.

  9. And I hate people who think that there can be only one source for a common logic statement. Is his comment factual, yes it is. So who says that he didn’t a. come up with it on his own without even seeing your beloved group, or b. come up with it and the group copied him? p.s crepes are better.

  10. I’m with Pancake.

  11. Is this your comment, Larry? Is this your comment, Larry? We know its his fucking comment! You’re killing your father, Larry!

  12. I’m with poopaloop, crepes are better.

  13. i won’t have this argument with you again larry, crepes are shit.

  14. I like crepes AND pancakes!. . . And Stever.

  15. vaginalroundhouse

    I always love the posts where a woman makes fun of men and then a man comes right back with something.

  16. I usually come right back with semen

  17. I always love posts where a woman makes fun of men and then a man comes right back with something… incredibly dumb like Stephen’s comment.

  18. @ zigs, Stephen’s comment may have been dumb but the status wasn’t exactly clever.
    I like the idea of a crepe wrapped in a pancake and dipped in chocolate, but then I do have the raging munchies right now.

  19. I think Stephen meant he puts his trash in girls purses when he’s with them, instead of just throwing the junk on the ground. Hell I do that.

  20. cellokitty: Please tell me that was an attempt at sarcasm or something? PLEASE tell me you didn’t completely miss the actual joke?!

  21. Girls like Christina are like annoying: never funny and never original.

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