Monday, August 9, 2010

Lil Problems

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  1. Jesse is my kinda girl…..I mean guy. Wait, what?

  2. this post is like a representation of my sleeping habits. nightmares of walking into taco john’s wearing only a bikini, which turns into a wet dream about my hella sexy cousin.

  3. Stephen: No, but your nipples may feel a bit more tender than usual. Also, you’re sterile.

  4. I wish I was friends with Stephen, so I could tell him yes.

  5. MsBuzzkillington

    Jesse is awesome.

  6. If Stephen was a generous person and gave his sweet tarts to Byron then both their problems would be resolved.

  7. If you’ve never knew your cousins as cousins, I say go ahead and bang ’em!

  8. First cousin marriage is legal (well here in Canada at least!)

  9. I never thought of Canada as inbred. First cousin marriage is nasty.

    As for Jesse, I fear what kind of bikini it may have been. The idea both frightens and excites me.

  10. Hello, all my friends, I’m a man who has wet dreams, I want to fuck my cousin, I make jokes that Lamebook take seriously, and I’m a retard.

    Also I forgot what my point was.

  11. NewtonIsMyHero its 2ed cousin not first.

  12. Apparently, if you’re going to do a cousin, you’re better off doing a first cousin – the offspring from second cousin couplings are more likely to have genetic abnormalities.

    But having said that, I do know a first cousin married couple. They have 3 kids. The couple and the children are all fucked.

  13. word, there’s a joke there in your second sentence somewhere, but I’m too tired to bother to find it.

  14. It’s ok, Hobes. It wasn’t that amusing, anyway.

    It’s been a slow day in the Lamebook House, today.

  15. Yes, Stephen. Go get your stomach pumped.

  16. Oh man, I didn’t mean to sound like I was criticizing your comment or something. I just spotted the seeds of a joke in there like a true comedian, and like a true British person was too lazy to do anything about it.

    You’re right about the slow day though. Let’s hope it picks up tomorrow. I should be off now anyway. Not that I’ve been on much :p

  17. Ha ha ha…. Hobo and Word you two are hilarious…. actually more hilarious than lamebook posts. haha

  18. If I haven’t seen a few of my cousins over a long period of time, I tend to forget how fucking hot they are but then just shrug it off. Now, when you consider how many other good looking women there are out there in the world, leave your relatives the fuck alone! I wouldn’t even bang my second cousins, it’s just problematic.

  19. I can empathize with Byron.

  20. Hobes baby, it’s all good. But really, it wasn’t a joke. They really are all fucked.

  21. @ Newton…I am not sure where u r living in Canada (province) or if u really do live in Canada..but that is not true AT ALL…the only way that is possible is by lying and not having the same last name and getting away with it…

  22. christopherlovet

    First cousin marriage is legal in most United States, also in Mexico, and yes Mariska, also in Canada.

    Same-sex marriage is illegal in most United States. Wacky.

  23. Too bad Micaela doesn’t live in a Jane Austen novel.

  24. I miss wet dreams. Masturbation without the work? I could certainly go for an orgasm that doesn’t require a clothespin and two butt plugs.

  25. Only two? Amateur.

  26. Hey, I’m not wooing my mom here. I’m just trying to get off.

  27. Paranoid Android

    Not even worthy of a Ben. Bad times.

  28. soup i love you.

  29. Now I don’t feel so bad about for, quite literally, forgetting my own name when introduced to my third cousin (he was *that* attractive). I gave him my sister’s on accident (I’m really not joking here, haha).

    The second I heard the word “cousin”, though, it all went out the window.

  30. I think you can marry second cousins onwards here in Britain. Not sure though. Bit of help from another Brit? All the same, stay away from that shit :S. It isn’t natural. Even if the Bible promotes it.

  31. you can marry your second cousin in cali,or at least im pretty sure you can…weird.i know a kid that married his step sister..

    and whats so wrong with wet dreams..?

  32. @31

    I know someone who married her step-brother. Only she did it before he was her step-brother. They got married, then her mother left her father for his father.

    I can only imagine the family reunions…

  33. Thanks for backing me up christopherlovet. It’s true guys, and before you say I’m wrong, try doing a little something called research. First cousin marriage is most definitely legal throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, most United States, as well as many other regions worldwide. I don’t usually get defensive, but seriously guys, why don’t you get a little educated before you say other people are wrong. Also wanttoomakeout, realize that it should be to with only one ‘o’.

  34. whoa #32, mean are their parents,like they couldnt find someone else to marry..there really wasnt anyone else out there except the in laws..i couldnt imagine…the guy i know totally married his step sister that he grew up with and called sis and idk,too weird…

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