Monday, August 27, 2012


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  1. Oh, not God, Daniel. I, the T2000, is after young Matthew.

  2. ^Jeff already made that clear when he said ‘Shit is about to go down’ on young Matthew. Oral on young men is quite real to you, eh T?

  3. Incorrect. Although torture, murder, and impalement is.

  4. I wonder about the losers that seem to inhabit this site. In every comments, you’ll see T2000 calling something “fake” and MissAnnThrope saying something stupid. Do either of you have lives? Do you check Lamebook every ten minutes. For someone like T2000, who calls every post fake, does that ever get old or boring to you? You should call my post fake. No better yet, you should explain why you’re such a loser. You people actually live on here. Even Ann should spend more time in the kitchen, and less time on Lamebook, at least 95% of her posts aren’t the same like that T2000 idiot. You must live a very shitty life.

  5. ^Not all lamebook posters are immature like MsAnne or that robot thing. I fucked Hayden.

  6. hootie the blowfish

    I don’t know what is more sad, the fact that you are here doing the same thing – reading and posting comments on lamebook – or your horrible forced attempt at a “women belong in the kitchen!” sexist joke. Just … stop, you tool.

  7. I just signed up to let you know that impersonating washed up 90’s pop stars may make your opinion invalid. Also your life.

  8. Also, hootie, there is a difference in signing up today to let you know you need a life and actually living on here like a few of you do. I have 5 posts, you have 5,000. That’s not comparable. But misery loves company right? You’ll say anything if it makes people believe you’re not the only loser.

  9. hootie the blowfish

    So forced. So contrived. You’ve lost my interest.

  10. @4 You tell a mighty sad tale there, mister, full of despair and hopelessness. But I got a better one. A young man once got his feelings hurt so badly by a complete stranger, right here on this site, that he has to return every now and again with new screen names to take a limped-dick stab at her. ‘Bury the rag deep in your face, for now’s the time for your tears.’

  11. Wow, the lamebook lames really do stick together. Hey, I’m not an enemy, I’m trying to help you all get a life.

  12. I initially skipped actually reading rightbrains comments, but now that I’ve read it, he’s not even talking to me at all. I’ve never had another screenname on this site ever, nor has she made me mad. Why did I do it? Well I’ve had LB on my iphone for months. Every time I view the comments, I see T2000 calling the post fake and MissAnnThrope in there. I’ve never spoken to her before. It’s just like..fuck…get a life. She’s in every damn one. She lives and breathes this site. That’s why I said her name, not because she’s said anything to me. Because she hasn’t.

  13. ^Die, bitch.

  14. I’m watching a guy arm wrestling a dog….

    …and losing!

  15. @12 Keep explaining and justifying your behavior, you fascinating creature. But can you type a little slower? I can’t read that fast.

    Perfect description, beatus.

  16. itzmurda, as you so eloquently explained (ha!), it is possible to have access to Lamebook whilst out and about, so commenting a couple of times a day on a site really isn’t that big a deal.

    What I found amazing though, was that you actually considered it to be insightful and/or witty to tell a female to “get a life” by spending more time in the kitchen. Whatever your angle was prior to that little gem, it’s been lost in the chorus of scoffing and derision.

  17. What bothers me about these posts, the media, and even rather, us, as a society is that people want to make such a big deal about things, when clearly, its painfully obvious that they’re all so obviously jealous that an old man with one testicle can ride a bike better than all of the other bastards that take the sport so serious. Strip his titles if you must, but that doesn’t make him any less of a weiner. #4 troll harder cunt. It’s clear you need to step up your game if T2000 is able to ruffle your feathers. Bacchante, the kitchen angle he’s trying to use on Ms., and the other females around is just as played out as any other arguement for misogyny and swag lamebook/ers manage to muster up. That said, it’s old tech, and just as ineffective as calling someone a faggy, or an obese mongoloid. Fail troll is a fail. Thanks for your support btw Bacchante, and you others too, since I hadn’t got around to mentioning anything yet 🙂

  18. hang on…wait, what?
    calling someone an obese mongoloid is passe?
    I did not get that memo, guys.

    it was lovely of itzmongoloid to pop in, but what did it want?

  19. ^attention. It wanted attention.

  20. ^big greasy attention, and certainly NOT a salad!

  21. so why did it toss my salad, then? hey? answer me that!
    you can’t, can you?

  22. Well, no, dear, I can’t. Did he at least do a good job? Did you enjoy it?

  23. I giggled coquettishly.

  24. Wow! That’s like, uh.. the funniest thing I ever read. Uh..

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