Thursday, January 24, 2013

Living Inconsiderate

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  1. Anyone else miss T2000?

  2. Your mom.

  3. I would suggest that #1 IS T2000.

  4. the inconsiderate bitch is the one who’s on facebook at their grandmothers funeral.

  5. I assure u I’m not t2000, jus saying this is probably fake

  6. YOLO.

  7. Way to steal your quotes from William Wallace, Drake.

  8. @tellingitreal – or she could’ve posted her response AFTER the funeral. I’m guessing critical thinking isn’t really your strong point.

  9. Def .. Definitely after the funeral, she posted an hour and 28 minutes after Mr inconsiderate prick.

  10. “The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never know if they are genuine” – Abraham Lincoln

    Shouldn’t you know better jzimbert?

    Drake probably never even said that as his own.
    Unless they’re quoting lyrics of a song of his…
    I wouldn’t know.

  11. @djsspecs notice she said ‘while i’m at’. that insinuates she was still at the funeral when she gave her reply. if she was indeed somewhere else, the correct wording would’ve been ‘while i was at’. my critical thinking skills are fine. it’s your lingual syntax skills that are brushy.

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  13. If she really wanted to guilt trip the person, who really couldn’t be expected to know she was at a funeral, she could have taken a photo with her dead grandma and make grandma do duck lips.

  14. @11 Right. Because Courtney’s grammar and lingual syntax are impeccable. Read it again, douche nugget.

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