Monday, September 23, 2013

Losing Charles

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  1. There are no replies because everyone’s playing GTAV.

  2. I take it she’s opposed to the art of fellatio then.

  3. He don’t need the bitch he has ho’s and lapdancers to entertain him.

  4. That’s okay, OP, it looks like it’s you and the dildo of doom.

  5. How do we know Charles is gay?

  6. Let me see, a hot chick in tights or a video game. I think he loves man meat

  7. Bet they’re lining up around the block for you, right, Charles? You look like you can SO afford to be choosy.

    Winning…at keeping your dick dry…

  8. Someday, Charles aspires to move out of his Mom’s basement. But hey…pot.

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  10. Nancy, there is no Michael, he didn’t reply and this is starting on a foundation of lies. Lies.
    Michael who? You spamming cunt

  11. Bitches need to stop complaining when their men play video games. Actually never mind.. The stupid nagging you do at your man gets me credit with my man every time your man complains about your nagging to my man without me having to do a single thing.

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