Monday, July 16, 2018

Loss Of Humanity

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  1. No, what really hurts is when people who have gone through the education system at great cost to the tax payer and knowing full well how to write “you” they steadfastly refuse to do so because doing so would somehow make them ‘uncool’.

    No, Alexis, it just makes you stupid.

    And you extra demerits for saying “ya”, you narcissist cunt.

  2. The Beast Among Us

    You had me until that last “sentence.” Always check before posting.

  3. Twitter like many other modern mediums has a limited character count, effectively altering how people communicate, and language itself. Truncated text is being adopted by even the most erudite, and not just for purposes of editing… it’s used ironically, humorously, to add flavor, to establish mood or context… But you can keep fighting it. Maybe you can stop it.

    Maybe it’ll be fun riding a cowcatcher. Who knows

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