Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love Hurts (Everyone)




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  1. Yahoo! Answers Caveman

    How is babby formed?

  2. Two inchers? Width? Length? I need to know!

  3. I’d assume width there Jezebel

  4. You would need to know Jezzy!

  5. If it’s two inches in length, it better be a butt plug, with a flared base, or else you’re not going to get it back out, without a trip to the doctor’s office. Anal beads are usually almost a foot long, with 4-6 beads on the string.

    Did anyone see the movie Choke? There’s a scene where the girl pulls out the beads from the guy’s “anus” and instead of the last bead, they just find a frayed piece of string. Yeah, that would suck.

  6. explain that one in A&E

  7. Is it wrong I think the most disgusting part of this post is the phrase “make love”?

  8. Umm..Yeah…
    Umm..Yeah…it is

  9. 5. mcowles

    Ha ha ! Funniest thing I’ve read today !

  10. The optimist in me would like to think that these were intended as private messages.

  11. #2 was definitely supposed to be a private message. One would hope.

  12. #2 is a fake

    #3 is very true.

  13. I don’t want anyone to stick anything up my arse! I could be dying of prostate cancer right now, and no one would ever know.

  14. do guys actually like fingers up their butts as theyre coming?

  15. hmmm, my fella does.

    He wouldn’t share it with the whole of FB though.



  17. Men need to know this: In every article in every women’s magazine that is titled “Tips to Make Your Sex Life Hotter”, there is almost always a tip that advises us to try and stick a finger in your ass. So if you don’t like this, Cosmo is to blame.

    @Umm..Yeah… “make love” grossed me out too. You are not alone.

  18. Regarding number 2..

    BARRIE? As in Barrie Ontario? Oh fuck. This idiot is from my town.

  19. Yes a finger (wet) feels nice!

  20. Um .. ew.

  21. fuckin white people

  22. I’m going to look at every man in Barrie with a pregnant lady & think they like it in the can.
    #16 sharkbot, I couldn’t agree more. Both of these possibly retarded people are in dire need of health teachings.

  23. #1 – 5

    Given that they are beads, the word you are looking for is diameter.

  24. Why does noone I know post updates like this? Why??!!

  25. omg! lol!!

  26. Gotta try this shit out..

  27. @ umm yeah
    I tottally agree make love is wrong. partially cos it implies two people can’t be in love unless they’re having sex and because I hate people who call sex making love. Other phrases include making babies when they are in fact not intending to make babies.

  28. @ jelly
    because you don’t know any idiots? (I highly doubt that but if its true I’m envious of you)

  29. “next time you’re in there” …. lol

  30. Why does it seem that when some women become pregnant, they suddenly lose any ability to keep from sharing poop, tit, and vagina TMI?

  31. ill chop a bitches finger off with my ka bar if she shoved a finger up my boinker

  32. according to a belgian sexologist… you’d better put in an ice cube before he comes… now, I know that ice cubes don’t have a very accessible form, so, better try some sort of lollypop…

  33. #14: hell yeah, a finger in the ass while getting a blow job is my definition of heaven.

  34. I noticed that very few people picked up on the pregnant bit. More specifically the bit that says ‘maybe this will put me into labour’. This trollope is almost nine months gone, still shagging and discussing anal sex toys publicly with another guy. Yeh, it has to be in Canada. Colonial fuckwits.

  35. Uh #34 maybe you didn’t catch that each post was by a completely different person? So the anal sex toys were being discussed by a GUY named Rob…probably directed at another guy. Just fyi.

  36. hey #34 – the finger guy is a brit – Canadians don’t say arse. That’s just you guys.

  37. @yeahRight–I say “arse” all the time, and I’m American.

  38. All of you guys who like fingers up your butt…do you ever wonder if you would enjoy a cock up there too? I kinda think the whole finger up the butt thing is a little on the gay side.

  39. More sexually open guys like it because that’s where their G-spot is. Any guy would like it if they let someone try. its got nothing to do with if they are gay or not…

  40. to GA-Ross…having a finger pressed on your prostate does not mean your gay, nor would you like a cock up there. It is pleasurable for a male because like #39 said, its where the male “gspot” is located. If perhaps you stopped letting the rules of everyone around you dictate how you think and start thinking on your won, you wouldnt find this to be an issue

  41. I am 12 and what is this?

  42. @ Atheismo

    Making love and having sex are different.

    @ Kevin
    Lol, thanks for making my day :]

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