Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love Lost

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  1. what happened to powdered toast man?

  2. He wet himself. Good riddance.

    Bill broke her phone with her face, hence the court order.

  3. whoops

  4. How good he is such a changed man now, after jail. She won’t need to worry AT ALL about any impulsive violent behaviour anymore, right?

  5. Right.

  6. He didn’t actually specify that jail changed him for the better.

  7. ^ I’m sure it changed his ass quite a bit

  8. Why do people keep spelling it “awe”? AWE and AW are two entirely different words with entirely different meanings!

  9. ^ Shaydie, that irks me too.

    You guys are funny today.

  10. I’m here jeffreyd! I’m so so so sorry for my short absence.

    Friends, colleagues, lamebook commenters, I am terribly sorry for my absence! I know how much you all love me and my witty comments. Well, have no fear! I’m back!


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