Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Low Down Darren

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  1. A hair brush? Ouch!

  2. which end of the hair brush?

  3. I’m not sure he understands what putting things in quotes means.

    It is more entertaining to read if you imagine him yelling all the randomly capatalized words.

    Lastly what does sleekit mean?

  4. What does he mean with “Not to mention he is a grass!”?

    And yeah, the yelling makes me think Liam is a drama queen. Maybe he was in love with Darren too, and feels cheated on as well.

  5. I need a translation… I don’t what the “then made out she was mad” part, as well as the sleekit (maybe sleezy autocorrect???), and what is up with the smiley at the end???

  6. sleekit is a Scottish term for a slimy, weaselly person.

    GRASS means he is also a snitch.

  7. Let’s play Mad Libs with the words that are written in all caps.

    1) Name of Lamebooker
    2) Preposition
    3) Noun
    4) Noun
    5) Number
    6) Plural #4
    7) Adjective
    8) Adjective
    9) Adjective
    10) Noun
    11) Repeat of #1
    12) Hard object
    13) Body part
    14) Plural noun
    15) Activity
    16) Noun
    17) Adjective
    18) Adjective
    19) Noun
    20) Noun
    21) Adjective
    22) Noun
    23) Verb
    24) Verb ending in ING
    25) Adjective
    26) Noun
    27) Verb
    28) Name of other Lamebooker

    Just so everyone knows the truth about what happened today…
    (1) has been cheating on my sister, but wait for it… (2)(3)!!! My sister decided she had enough of all the secretive, sneaky and sleekit lies he had been telling her and then made out she was mad. We decided to log onto his email (4) only to find he had (5) (6)!!!! My sister was right in her suspicion, but way off on the (7) and (8) of the people he had been cheating with. We gasped in horror at the (9) (10) (11) with a (12) wedged in his (13)!! Not to mention the (14) to (15) websites! The list goes on and on… I feel that it is only right for my sister not to be portrayed as the perpetrator, but the (16) in his (17) vendetta against my sister, to cover up his (18) liaisons! To anyone who cares to disbelieve me, then you are welcome to the (19), (20), (21) (22) to try and (23) us from (24) him and most (25) of all “(26)” as they can’t (27)… P.S., he likes to be known as (28) from Lamebook. 🙂

    Sorry, it’s not the best Mad Lib in the world, but I didn’t have a ton of time.

  8. Yeah, I had to pull out the scottish – english dictionary on a few of those terms. @beats I love mad libs!

  9. Slow day at the office, Brian?

  10. ^*beatus.

  11. @7 – Erm, actually you seem to have rather a lot of time.

  12. Yes, it was slow. So what?

  13. I don’t know what mad libs is but if it requires you to write that much it doesn’t seem all that fun?

  14. No one ever taught you how to copy and paste, huh?

  15. SHIT

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