Friday, September 7, 2012

Lower Class Part 1


Some people just don’t aim very high.

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  1. I’m not sure why the middle one is considered fail and/or funny…someone help me out.

  2. She’s asking people to pray for her to do well at her clothing store job interview.

  3. It’s a job that it sounds like she really needs. At least she’s getting off her ass and doing something. Job market is tough these days. I’ll give Lamebook the fail on that one for not aiming very high.

  4. ^ Exactly. Perhaps she’s 16 and going for her first job interview. Or, perhaps she’s 30 and going for a regional manager position.

  5. Or maybe she’s been struggling to secure employment for two years and this is the only way she can feed her family and get out of debt… Nice going, Lamebook @dmins; your jobs are sooooo much classier and more meaningful!

  6. Hey MsAnneThrope, I know you’ll be reading this. Get a life.

  7. I read it as like ‘interview with the US Marshals’ on Thursday. Please supplicate the sky-man for me.

    I thought she’d been a drug mule and was being interviewed over it. Turns out it’s some stupid clothes shop in some country I don’t live in. Wasting my fucking time…

  8. Why is the 2nd one remotely funny?

  9. just how much did I hurt you, itzmongoloid?
    how many weeks will you continue to battle through your pain – boring the fuck out of everyone in your wake?

  10. @1 The second one is code. Only pronounce the capitalized letters. She’s telling her squadron she just used the bathroom and now the mission can continue. I’m a Navaho code cracker.

  11. My post – 15 up, 8 down
    Yours – 1 up, 6 down
    Looks like people have been tired of you and the meaningless drivel you post 20 times a day. I’m fighting for the people. Now who’s boring who?

  12. ^Your desperation is palpable.

  13. she actually seems surprised that there are more retards in the world than intelligent people.
    how can you even argue with that level of retardation?

  14. There’s no need to ARGUE with it. It’s the People’s Retard and speaks for all the retards without words of their own. Just let it mutter away in the corner; it scares away creepy-crawlies.

  15. Can someone get the little fucker a wooden spoon so he shuts the fuck up? Tired of hearing the whiney little bitch go on about how often MsAnne posts.

  16. yeah, it just makes me wanna post again right now.
    just to fuck her up some more.

  17. You fucking do that. I genuinely would not give a fuck were his name not something a 13 year old child would regurgitate (don’t fucking criticise my name, if a 13 year old child came up with that they’ve got bigger problems).

  18. Who was the hump who wrote the novella, sans paragraphs, about him being a knight and vanquishing the evil MsAnne? I think this is him. I feel it in my bones.

  19. I don’t feel particularly vanquished, tho’.

  20. I don’t particularly give a shit about any of this

  21. Fuck off and die.

  22. yes hawkbit. you always were the calm and reasonable voice of maturity and logic.

    hey everyone, be more entertaining. for hawkbit.

    fucking sorted.

  23. M T P P had me laughing loud enough for Morgan Freeman to call me up to ask what was so funny. But, I have to say, Rightbrain, it’s “Navajo.” Unless you crack codes for Nevada prostitutes.

  24. Oops.

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