Monday, December 17, 2012

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  1. Fuck this guy.
    If you’re annoyed by your friends posts, don’t read them, or unfriend them.
    If you don’t care what your friends think about things, then don’t go on facebook in the first place, dipshit.

  2. It is a classic human psychological reaction. I am not affected.

  3. I hate these people almost more than the people who do post freakouts whenever it snows or whenever there is a cause going viral. These people want the attention just as much as those who post far too much shit about every cause they can find to click on.

    The thing is, this isn’t bitching about snow, its showing that you are aware of the events of the world and maybe you think about them. This isn’t people bitching about snow… its a national tragedy that I’m sure put a lot of people in a bad mental state, and things are already difficult enough around Xmas in such a bad economy where so many people (many of them incessantly using facebook…) are in bad situations.

    This guy is a heartless douche, and I’m not calling everyone who posts some sentiments about the Newtown tragedy a hero, but its more noble than trashing people who might get affected or want to help out those affected with their thoughts.

  4. The short version:

    Attention-seeking douche-bag who fancies himself a comic genius.

  5. Like anyone read all that…I only commented so I can have frankenstein on top of me.

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