Friday, September 14, 2012

Make It Stop!

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  1. Fake

  2. That ear wax is disgusting! How did her kids have that much buildup? Parenting fail.

  3. Why is the second one here? Because she said her “first time”? I just interpreted that as her making an innuendo about going to a meeting for the first time together. So?

  4. Everyone has that much buildup in their ear canals…

  5. Terrific. Merissa has ruined Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and vaginas all at once.

  6. @3
    Focus on the word “swapping”, my young padawan.

  7. So…they went to a 70s key party? I’m obviously not as young as you think I am because I always thought “swap” meant “exchange.”

  8. the single most disturbing thing about that earwax diorama is that some mystifying twat decided to take a photograph of it.

  9. You know you live in the 21st Century when natural bodily fluids gross you out, but grotesque murders do not. It’s not a parenting fail, it’s a fucking civilisation fail.

  10. …fluids…solids?

  11. now now crusty. it entirely depends on who is getting murdered.

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