Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making an Ass Out of Yourself…

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  1. what’s wrong with a guy looking at asses?

  2. I’m more of a tit robot. Asses are okay too tho. And I fucked Ryan.

  3. ^ I agree. What’s wrong with anyone looking at anything?

  4. This is fake. I know because I fucked the girl in the picture. Also: “cunt”.

  5. Ultra fake.

  6. People who pretend to be robots are fake. Oh and people who post their supposed sexual conquests on forms, are obviously virgins at home looking for attention.

  7. T10000 take care of #6

  8. IAmNateK, people who pretend to be real are fake.

  9. ^That is a fact. I never said I was ‘real’

  10. Oh and fail comeback

  11. Settle down children

  12. Fake.

  13. blured ass is fake!

  14. Well, shit, this comments thread is fucked already, and I’m going to attempt to revive it with some juvenile ass bullshit. Tits or GTFO op.

  15. Capn, you need to do better than that to fix this shit!

  16. Some asses are already pixelated by default. But I wouldn’t tap those…

  17. Whoa, it’s all downhill below that waist.

  18. God this thread is just a fucking train wreck! Capn, I agree with curlybap and expected better out of you. Whatever happened to your depracating and demoralizing rants on people? I seem to recall over there on Tumblr where you said to tell you if you’re going soft and not being enough of an asshole. Consider you told.

    BTW, asses all the way bitches!!

  19. Oh fuck me…see what happens when you get to take out your anger towards the world on women in real life..all this rough passionate, yet, violent and degrading sex in my life is really showing…just takes the fight right outta ya don’t it?

  20. I reckon! 😀

  21. Yes, Capn, for the sake of a few ppl on lamebook stop having so much kinky sex in real life

    Also, how can we tell that that is the best booty of 2012 when it is blurred out? Or is that in this year?

  22. BIG ASSES!!!!-BEST BOOTY OF 2011 was so much better than these whores. Now back to being a virgin in my home looking for attention.

  23. I’ve been an innocent bystander/reader of these comments for sometime now. The whole T10000 confused me. I wondered what happened to T1000……and also STEEVEERRRRRRRRRRR(did I do it right?) P.S. I’m waiting for my life to float by anytime now

  24. You’ve reached the lamebook zone, sugartits, your life is lonnnggg gone!

  25. Do sugar tits produce sweetened condensed milk?

  26. ^…or diabetic babies?

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