Friday, July 13, 2012

Marc It: Win

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  1. That made me chuckle… cuz it’s true.

  2. it could be adopted.
    I was wondering the other day how often in history has a black couple adopted a white baby?
    has it ever happened?

  3. Great question. I just Googled it, and there are examples. Can we just reflect on how that makes news when it happens?

    “Back in 2008, NFL player DeMarcus Ware and his wife Taniqua caught a lot of criticism over their decision to adopt a white baby”

    Oh, wait… This was the only one I could find. But it has happened!

  4. Msanne, shut up. You are fake.

  5. T1000, your ‘fake’ posts are fake. Fuck off.

  6. black people don’t adopt white babies, they steal them and sell them for cocaine.

  7. Her vagina is going to get wrecked inside it, that’s for sure.

  8. Yeah Nails, but if an event happens in the american media, I rarely fucking believe it.

  9. MsAnne, how dare you! Our news media are fair and balanced, and without reproach! *GASPS LOUDLY*

    Also, I saw it on bellyitchblog. com, sooo…

  10. impeccable source. forgive me.

  11. Macy, incorrect.

  12. Forgiven. (^ not you)

  13. Some vaginas are already wrecked…

  14. T1000 is just a troll with no other purpose in life besides irratating commenters on lame book. Sadens me to say, but I once knew a guy like him. Tall handsome, muscular. We fucked…. Oops.

  15. ^really? Did ya video it?

  16. If he didn’t, it doesn’t count right?

  17. I think Halfwit Hank must be one of those wrecked vaginas Hawkbit was referring to.

  18. Nothing.

  19. Michael Jackson somewhat adopted white children who were obviously not his.

  20. And Demarcus Ware’s baby was hispanic, so, kinda brownish…

    Sincerely, Captain Obvious.

  21. Michael Jackson…I don’t care enough about that bullshit can of worms, so I’ll concede – but grudgingly.
    couldn’t be fucked googling what the demarcus one is, because the name just looks like it will be an american ‘pseudo-star’. some bloke who wears latex for a living, with 17 too many teeth and a problem with coke and underage strippers.

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