Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Math is Hard

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  1. crustylovelips

    Maths; F
    Marketing; A*

  2. Why are the fringes red?

  3. I’d like to rape one of them smurfs!

  4. this reminds me of a guy that sold eighths for $20 and quarters for $45. when i explained to him (as surprising as it was that i actually needed to) how stupid that was, all he could say was “i just don’t want to change my prices, man”. i told him i wanted 2 eighths and he finally “got it”.

  5. Go down to the thrift shop. Bet you can get both for $5 there.

  6. good deal.

  7. I used 2 have a similar problem..long time ago I sold 1/4s for 100..half 1/4s for 50..n grams for 20..told these fukrs 2 stop heatin up my house by comin back n forth 3 times a day wantin single grams when they could get a 1/2 gram more for 10$ less by just getting 1/2 quarter….fail..did no good..they would probaby jump all over the “2 pillow” deal

  8. beatus, it worries me that you know what fringes are.

  9. ^ I’ve lived a long and interesting life.

  10. ^In your closet?

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