Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maybe One?

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  1. Its time to add a question mark

  2. No returns either.

  3. Somehow these always remind me of the Stonehenge scene in This Is Spinal Tap

  4. Rape won’t fix this. A machete will.

  5. That tattoo would have sucked even if it’d been spelled correctly…

  6. I don’t know what a regret is, but I know I don’t have any, either.

  7. What a moron. This guy deserves the regerts that he will experience.

  8. Why does my computer correct me when I tell it not to? Darn it. Now I have a regert.

  9. I think the tattoo is partially in ermagerd language

  10. You all might want to consider the possibilty that Adam is a zany/quircky/eccentric type of guy with a warped sense of ironic humour(ie British). I strongly doubt that there are 2 people(at least) that were involved in this artwork that DIDN’T see the error.
    So really, you should all feel a little foolish ridiculing him, since it was deliberate. (But you won’t, because you’re all prepubescent.)

  11. Whether he did it on purpose or not, he still looks like an idiot. Kind of like all British people.

  12. Lost dog, you can’t defend stupid. You can try, maybe he wanted you to think that and now YOU’RE the idiot.
    No. He fucked up big time.

  13. ^thanks, think you just proved my closing point really nicely.

  14. ^ he hee hee hee, you called me prepubescent, you must be really clever. I bet you’re at college now, saving the world, protesting against evil governments and discussing left wing issues.
    Now go Fuck yourself twerp

  15. I smell a photoshop fake…..

  16. What the hell, I’m having a quiet day at work, let’s do this.
    PeePeeHead(great handle btw, really makes you sound like a true fucking intellectual.), I finished my studies(at University, not a college) when you were still doing backstroke in your dad’s ball-bag.
    Saving the world has never been a priority for me, since I don’t have dellusions of grandeur like Stever or Elsior(RIP).
    As for protesting my evil goverment, don’t even go there buddy. I live in South Africa, we don’t know any other kind of goverment.
    As for fucking myself, I made love to my stunning wife for breakfast this morning, so I’ll pass.
    I rather enjoyed your use of “twerp” though, haven’t heard it for while.

    That is all.

  17. Dis ni66a PeePeeHead watches too much south park. Crunchy post, brah!

  18. Irene D. Kirkland

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  19. #16 Sorry, you sound successful and happy. And since it’s on the internet, it must be true. My bad.
    What’s your credit card number then?

  20. Oh now I’m just a number? Pussy

  21. and the three numbers on the back of the card. Hurry.
    Your mom will want her computer back soon. Oh, delete all the history (computers not apartheid)

  22. BorderlineDane

    I know i spell like shit, but really?????? sooooooooooooooo many tats being misspelled…. try an actual professional artist who doesn´t work out of his moms kitchen

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