Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maybe She’s Right

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  1. I’m just going to continue to be an asshole. Bitches love it

  2. On the plus side, the sex is way better.

  3. I only go for Bitches!

  4. Or maybe, just maybe, YOUR the asshole. One of those guys who claim to be nice but are really only nice to try and get into a girl’s pants. And when she chooses a guy who’s nice for real, not just for sex, suddenly he’s an “asshole” and a “jerk” and she’s a “stupid bitch” for sleeping with the guy who doesn’t need to play a role to get a woman into bed.

    Or it could be that you’re a coward. The “nice guy” who waits for the girl to make all the first moves. And that “asshole” is a guy with the confidence to speak up. Make her feel good about herself in a world that’s torn her down. And you’re being friendzoned because you’ve got a yellow stripe down your back wider than a 4 lane highway.

  5. MY the asshole?

  6. OUR the asshole, rober. i lay claim as well.

  7. jamisings: What do you use for birth control? Your personality?

  8. Was going to comment on how this is STILL some bullshit that encourages guys to blame and hate women for not finding them attractive, but jamisings said it perfectly.

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  10. God damn…Why is it after all these posts nobody said..”maybe she is FAT” Fuck man…I’m fucking disappointed! How fucking hard is it?

  11. Every thumbs down #10 gets is equal to the amount of hambeasts or do-gooder pansy asses that are soft as fuck that took offense to my assumption that fattie up there is a cheeseburger inhaling landwhale. Don’t be a cunt and accept your fate. Nobody will ever love your flabby wings and you’re going to die alone trying to choke down a Krispy Kreme.

  12. Learn what a paragraph is, you wall-of-text-creating cunt.

  13. I only do paragraphs for people I like…you pud pulling Nancy boy!

  14. I was talking about the person who created this Facebook post, CapnJackoff.

  15. How does that make you any less of a Nancy boy? You wanna swab my deck?

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