Thursday, June 11, 2009

McKenzy’s Got Game


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  1. This says it’s from her album (see “From Your Album”)…so did she send this in to you guys? I think THAT’S even more lame!

  2. I agree with britt. That the lamest part. Her own album what a douchette.

  3. My sister sent it in while she was on my account….douchette.

  4. Hey Jess, I think it’s pretty lame that you forgot to check your grammar before commenting on someone else’s lameness!

  5. I bet Michaela is going to give her kids a present when they get knocked up.

  6. James, douchette is the feminine of douche, which it appears you are!

  7. ^Fail

  8. Hey Genocide, he said grammar not spelling. He was referring to how there is no verb in the second sentence. It should be “that’s or that is” not “that.”

  9. That would still be grammar as it refers to usage, not a misspelled word. I mean, I could, if I were so inclined, ridicule his grammar as well. It’s ironic that he’s being pedantic because, much like you have done, he didn’t separate the interjected name from the initial greeting (i.e., it should read as follows: “Hey, Jess” or “Hey, Genocide”). Also, Kat, if that is your real name, you should’ve placed a comma after grammar. Furthermore, the use of the past progressive “was referring” is incorrect; he was not referring multiple times in the past.

    Secondly, I am not an idiot, but you clearly are. For evidence of this, see that you called me “Genocide.”

  10. Genocide is a fitting name for you, considering you’re also a grammar Nazi.

  11. This argument is lame and deserves to posted on the main page.

  12. Herpfest and grammar studies are mutually exclusive.

  13. I agree with C!

  14. Oh my god, Grammar Police please just shut the fuck up already. Who cares. The person who sent this in from their own account is lame. Period. Grammar is not involved in that fact.

  15. I love how everyone who criticizes anything on this site is bound to get reamed a new asshole and given an intense course in grammar… and yes, Herpfest, herpes is an absolutely HILARIOUS disease, we get it.

  16. by the way, this site is hilarious 🙂

  17. Couldn’t we just make fun of the names Michaela and Mykenzy?

  18. Oh yeah this little girl, when she grows up, she’s gonna have LOTS of men at her door ’cause we all know that what men REALLY want it’s a girl who can give it to them in them ass!! Hooooray!!

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