Friday, March 22, 2013

Me Too…

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  1. You don’t have to be rich to house midgets in your closet.

  2. ^but you do have to be an asshole!

  3. Mother hacker -_-

  4. Or some dark hidden secret needs to come out of his closet. Perhaps his sneaky uncle could help him break the news

  5. Seriously beatus, if this was a properly moderated website, you’d have been banned years ago.

  6. Also, the OP would need to have a separate closet made just for their midgets, otherwise they would get very annoying, very quickly.

  7. So, anybody have big plans for the weekend?

  8. it’s not hacking it’s just html.

  9. What3v3rr. I don’t know the cool kid lingo.
    Aint nobody got time fo dat.

  10. There’s a Michael Jackson joke in here somewhere.


  12. Wait…wtf did I do?!?!?!!?!?! AAHHHHHHHHH! GET IT OFF ME!

  13. /End thread!

  14. You don’t have to be rich to house midgets in your closet.

  15. You win this time Beatus, but I’ve got my eye on you!

  16. .

  17. ya’ll are retarded

  18. ——————

  19. can’t even fix a damn strike.

  20. how about now…

  21. I’m pretty sure Mr. Beatus is offering an award for the genius who can figure it out. I imagine it’s as simple as a simple line of code. Unfortunately, don’t think it can be done without somehow altering the original offending post as it renders all that fall beneath it moot. I’m pretty sure someone managed to do it for their post before, but it doesn’t affect any of the others, which means it doesn’t qualify for the prize. Perhaps he needs to make the prize more worthwhile for more people to chime in.

  22. ^ Fine. The prize is a two week cruise with CapnJaques.

  23. hmm i could use a cruise…

  24. hmm, [s]that[/s] [del]didn’t[/del] [b]work[/b] [i]very[/i] [strike]well[/strike] now did it? …

  25. WTF?

  26. I would have the Minions from Despicable Me

  27. I’m still puzzelled why anyone would want a really fast bed?
    I can think of at least eleventeen better uses for a closet full of midgets and none of them include changing the wheels on my bed. Even if they pimp it out to 1001 whorespower there’s probably going to be a few issues getting through the bedroom door, without a crapload of lube.

  28. Just have kids, then make them do whatever you want.

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