Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet Aliciaonhergrindtwojobsnotime

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  1. By “two jobs at a time” she means “two tricks at a time.”

  2. And, without a doubt, there’s some dumb ass out there right now crying in his beer because she’s the “one who got away”.

  3. I really wish America would just declare war on itself.

  4. shoot the fat bitch and feed her to the Africans

  5. What. The. Fuck?

  6. Awe man! We have all the same fav quotes. Now I totes have to change mine.

  7. Crustylovelips, even here in Africa, we still have standards, no thanks. I do however agree with the “Shoot the fat bitch” part though.

  8. Only desperate, ugly hoes accept being on the side, AND he bringin’ yo money home to me?

    I don’t understand. If he’s bringing someone’s money home to her, then either she’s the desperate ugly ho on the side, or she’s with the guy and is completely fine with him going out and fucking some other desperate, ugly hoes, as long as they come back with said ho’s money?

  9. So you’re a tramp & a whore who sells her body for money? Is that one of your 2 jobs?

  10. “Closed mouths/legs don’t get fed”?
    Yeah they don’t get fed somebody’s man juice.
    That is disgusting.

  11. We hate more than your long ass name.

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