Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet Kyle

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  1. So he’s a loser. And…?

    Well I suppose it fits the idea of ‘Lame’book.

  2. ^ Who are you?

  3. Isn’t it the point of this site,to see people who are way to stupid to be using social media outlets? Which this kid clearly falls under. Also clearly needs to upgrade his “Edocatin”.

  4. *too.


  5. ^Glad someone’s keeping tabs up in hurrrrrr

  6. i dont get it? he seems like he has sh!t under control… i bet he needs a club to fight the b!tches off

  7. NiggaZ b fLY.

  8. @crustylovelips- its bluhevs! Sounds pretty apathetic and disregarding to me.

  9. no.

  10. Kyle has everything.

  11. Stick to your one word msanne. Anymore and we wouldnt all want to be proved right

  12. ^fuck off, retard. There is no ‘we’. Don’t try and just pull some mythical consensus out of your arse.

  13. Case closed.

  14. No it isn’t.

  15. has that little pissant gone yet?

  16. Well I can’t have got many people’s attention if Crusty doesn’t remember me. Oh well.

    I was just slightly disappointed to see yet another variation on the “I dont ned skewl cos I so smart alreddy” lameness. It’s been done. There are so many people on FB that surely there must be something new out there.

  17. ^make a joke or fuck off.

  18. ^I don’t need to so long as you stick around.

  19. hyuck.
    but ‘don’t need to’ =/= couldn’t do it to save your miserable excuse for a life.

  20. Is Make.Money.Regardlessnes hiring?

  21. ‘Does not equal’? You just complimented me MsAnne. Thanks.

  22. Bluhevs, if you are so convinced that there is original material out there, i encourage you to seek it out, start your own fucking website, update it 2-3 times a day, and put up with all the shit that people comment with…and then keep updating the site. Then fist yourself.

  23. Tell me, someone, is it possible to cast your opinion online without having your throat ripped out by hand? (Or the written equivalent, see above.)

    While I don’t insist you all agree with me, there’s no need to disagree so… violently.

    I know it’s not the Lamebook peeps fault that all they get submitted to them is the same stuff over and over. Meaning it’s a case of repeat themselves or do nothing, and I’m sure we’d all be a bit peeved if this site stopped updating completely.

    I was merely commenting on the repetition of the same kind of lameness. But since it fits with the theme of the site, I apologise for pissing people off so badly.

  24. ^ I think you know the answer to that, bluhevs.

    Look, I’m from Australia, so I’ve got whinging down to a fucking science. What you need to do to escape being fisted… violently… on the internet, is to inject a bit of personality into your gripe. No one wants to see boring variants of “fake”, or “I’ve seen this before”. Pimp it up a bit, love.

  25. he has no personality.

  26. bluhevs you are welcome to fuck me anytime you want. Release all the frustration and anger felt from your many shortcomings and just rip my cunt apart. Then, after it has lost all its tread, slide on in to my stinker and just pump it until I feltch all over your balls.

  27. you cannot feltch ‘all over someone’s balls’ unless those balls happen to be shoved into an anus.
    miley, I’m seriously beginning to suspect that you are not, in fact, a hypersexual being who is up for anything, anytime – but are merely just highly skilled internet liar.
    There, I said it.

  28. if i squirt cum out of my anus on to his balls then i totally feltched on his balls. Don’t tell me how to be a skank. Whore!

  29. no. that’s wrong. you’re wrong, miley.

  30. See Bluhevs – mileys got the ‘adding your own personality’ thing down to a T 🙂

  31. Oh, and my curiosity just got the better of me so i googled felching. Why in the name of the sweet baby jesus would anyone willingly do that?
    Lesson learnt – in some cases, ignorance is bliss

  32. ^ Ahahaha!

  33. well, back me up then, mhairime. is miley wrong or what?

  34. Miley is wrong in quite a lot of levels – but specifically with the felching business….

    To felch:
    To suck semen from an orifice after it has been deposited there. Most likely the anus but may also be referred to using the vagina. This act is not limited to humans, and may include animals.

    Scarred for life, not only having to read/involuntarily picture this act, but then to type it out.

    Key word in description is *suck*, i’m sure you wait with baited breath for me to finally find the term that means to fart it back out 🙂
    (coz thats totally not what i’ve been doing for most of my morning!)

  35. And by ‘not what i’m doing’ i mean searching for meaning, not felching……….erm wait a minute, now i’m confusing myself :-/
    If i have not ‘not been felching’ double negative confirms i have???
    To clarify – i have NOT been felching
    I have not NOT been googling ‘what do you call farting spunk out your arse’
    (mental note, delete internet history before partner gets home, don’t want him getting any funny ideas)

  36. He probably already HAS funny ideas; he’s just waiting for a bit of encouragement.
    Do it, mhairime, for the sake of your relationship!

  37. If thats the kinda shit he likes we’re in serious trouble 🙂
    Mind you, i may screenshot and text him some of my findings. The amount thats on the internets about it, it seems maybe i am the abnormal one for not being up on the ole lingo.
    Plus, i still have to make up for that time i ‘accidently’ slapped him so hard on the ear he cldn’t hear out it for 2 days, after he ‘accidentally’ put something somewhere i had made it clear it wasn’t to go.

  38. I think allowing him to felch you would more than make up for a little lover’s slap upside the head.
    And you don’t want him running off with miley, do you?

  39. Well, I won’t be doing that to anybody. I’m female.

    But thanks for the advice. I actually thought I had injected some personality into my Lamebook persona (that was by no means my first post) but apparently not enough for anyone to notice me.

    MsAnne remembers me I’m sure, but probably for the wrong reasons…

  40. ^probably true.
    The bitching, whining and endless complaints about me being such a terrible cunt of a person do tend to all blur together into a dreary grey soup of butthurt.

  41. Seems you don’t remember me that well MsAnne. I haven’t really complained about you very much. The posts, yeah. I’ll shut that up if it makes people happy. But not you. I think you’re lovely.

  42. ^oh yeah. i’m totally fucking lovely.
    are you drunk??

  43. No. I just think you’re lovely.

  44. Can I borrow your ride?

  45. Kyle’s such a badass…That’s why he’s sitting on a futon.

  46. ^ Not to be contrary or anything, but where SHOULD badasses sit?
    You have a throne, don’t you, you badass muthafucka?

  47. that’s a free kick if I ever saw one.

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