Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mike Chimes In…

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  1. Somebody get Mike a yelp account now:

    “da fries taste like ooze from da ninja turtles 2 movie”

  2. In what way do they look like ape fingers?? I don’t think we are seeing what Mike is seeing. And by that I mean, he is clearly on drugs.

  3. Mike reviewing a bagel:

    “Dis the worst donut eva.”

  4. stop giving drugs a bad name, nopers.

  5. Could it have nothing to do with her ‘tiddys’ and just her fingers? The nails look kind of scary.

  6. For fuck’s sake. How long do I have to leave for this site to put up better shit?

  7. ^a poor workman blames his tool.

  8. Sigh…

  9. A rich workman goes and buys the tool he needs.

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