Thursday, September 10, 2015

Miles and Miles

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    Why not? She will know how to make it awesome every time.

  2. That math is ridickulous. It’s also way off if a majority of men were black.

  3. Did she at least get paid for all those trips to pound town?

  4. Yes, she got paid in pounds.

  5. And the biggest dick of all is the guy who posted this. You missed the entire point of her story of being a slut. It doesn’t matter how many dicks she had in the past, what matters is that your dick was the only dick she’d had since she met you. You can’t judge people based on their past. As long as she doesn’t have an STD it doesn’t matter, really.

    Since you like math, try this one….say she had one boyfriend for all of college, but she fucked him daily. That’s 365×4=1460, you say she fucked 200 guys at an average of 3x each, that’s 600. So basically, if she’d been with the one guy she’d have gotten fucked more than double the amount of times that she got fucked with 200 guys.

    Not only that, but it only really bothers you because her experience is likely vastly more than your own. I’d say you can count how many partners you’ve had on 1 hand and how many times you’ve had sex without going much over 100.

  6. ^your defensiveness makes it sound like your own salami socket has been equally over-used. I’m sorry, but 200 guys is a shit-load, I certainly wouldn’t trust any sandwich-maker who’s morals were that loose. I understand that times have changed and all, but for fuck’s sake, surely a true lady has more self respect than to spread her legs for that many men??
    Fuck you all, stop defending the slut.

  7. A)on one point. An std doth not a slut make. I knew a girl that got herpes when she lost her viginity. Not only that but she later married and over the years NEVER gave it to her husband or anyone else.
    And to this many holes have u put your dipstick into?

    Would it be the equivalent of a swimming pool? Or the ocean? By the far as I know a woman can’t really rape a man.
    Did she really consent to sleepin w ALL THOSE guys?was she forced?

  8. @Lost-Dog, I don’t have a “salami socket”, as you so eloquently put it. It’s pretty easy at times to infer someone’s gender through their writing style, especially my my own style. My writing is concise, aggressive, and often openly provoking the intended audience, these are all hallmarks of a male voice.

    Is it that hard for you to believe that a man would defend a woman that others would shame as a “slut”? Not every man has such an archaic view on sexuality as you and the original poster have. As I said before, if she’s free of STDs and her count doesn’t go higher after you then she’s a keeper. Just because she has a past doesn’t automatically make her trash or unworthy of being with someone.

    I’ll take a girl who had 200 partners before me who never goes above 201(that’s 200 plus me) than a girl who only had 5 partners, but while I’m with her somehow manages to get her count up higher than 6(5 plus me). A girl with a lot of partners isn’t a slut, a girl who has a partner and seeks more is a slut. So long as this girl was faithful and true I’d accept her and enjoy the kind of amazing sex you get when you put two people who have had an extraordinary amount of partners together have.

    It’s not 1955, get with the times and grow the fuck up, bro.

  9. My drunk assed boyfriend told me he had had sex with 200 girls. He said he was a real stud in college. It got me thinking. With the average vagina being 4 inches deep, and about 1000 thrusts for those sluts to cum, that’s like 12.62 miles right there. As I’m one of the country’s few female miners, that day, going down, down further into the mine, deeper and deeper in the mine I couldn’t stop thinking about how much pussy my bf’s dipped his disco stick in. He’s no bf of mine no more. 🙁

  10. He thought about dicks a lot on that drive, maybe that’s why she’s his ex now..

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