Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mind = Blown

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  1. first?

  2. Soooo winning at everything, regretsy, etc are all supporting the strike against SOPA/PIPA and Lamebook won’t?

    Go fuck yourself, Lamebook.

    See ya folks

  3. I’m with you, stubby.

  4. Meh, I’m more likely to come here because they’re not doing the striking. I’m not a fan of strikes, I think there’s far better ways to make a point.

  5. Willie has a point; guns make more of a point than strikes.
    But I agree, fuck you lb.

  6. @Willie the trucking strike made a point, and so did boycotting buses in MLKJ-era and boycotting tea at that famous point in America’s history. Strikes are great, it shows the people mean business. Of course, I’m talking about major ones that got something done, not petty union strikes.

  7. I didn’t say they never made a point, I said I think there are better ways of making a point. Perhaps I should’ve said “in general” rather than allowing the implication of “as an absolute rule.” This isn’t one I think is going to make much of an impact. In fact, I thank Wikipedia for being down, it allows yet another lesson to my kids in how to use those old-fangled things called encyclopedias and not to rely on Wiki as the be all and end all. As for regretsy, I wish they’d stay down longer.

  8. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. The Twilight crap is old. Not even any funny comments.

  9. Herp derp, Twilight is awful, so is Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber, let’s make fun of them all. It’s 2012, let’s make fun of Mitt Romney.

  10. No. Fuck the subject at hand and fuck WillieHillbilly. I was prepared to ignore you as yet another retard on lamebook, but then you dissed Regretsy and that was the last straw. Listen up, scumdog…

    1)Strikes are awesome. Anarchy, rioting and chaos is AWESOME. What kind of brainwashed institutionalised muppet are you? These are the tools of the voiceless and dispossessed since forever and don’t you try and denigrate those very tools that gave you the freedom you take for granted and don’t deserve. Cunt.
    2)Your point is supported by nothing. You make no argument. ‘strikes don’t work’. Do you offer one single example, statistic or even the thinnest fucking slice of reasoning? Nope. Just because YOU say so. Cunt.
    3)I was sad to learn that you have children.
    4)Your printed encyclopaedias are by no means truthful, accurate or – most likely – current. Google ‘mistakes in encyclopaedias’ (if you know how to) and try and realise that wikipedia is the most bipartisan, most honest, most accurate and arguably the single greatest accomplishment in terms of Collected Sum of Human Knowledge. Realising this and utilising wikipedia in an open-minded, balanced way does not mean it is the ‘be all and end all’. Cunt.

    You don’t deserve the internet. It’s clearly wasted on you. Cunt.

  11. thebutteredmuffin

    I will never have enough applause for MsAnneThrope. You are the reason the internet survives, the reason it’s a beautiful, wonderful place filled with knowledge and wit and most importantly, freedom to argue with intellect and to damn well have your opinion.
    And if that gets taken away…? Well then MsAnneThrope and all those like you go away too and I, for one will not stand by and see it happen so i can explain to my kids one day that there used to be this thing called the internet, where knowledge and debate and awe were tangible and allowable, and where any man could find acceptance without fear of persecution.
    I applaude you, MsAnne- and the internet does, too.

  12. Lamebook was down this morning when I tried to have a gander.

    I’m happy for the internet to go away as long as it takes retards like MsAnne, Beatoffmangoes and muffintop ^ up there with it.

    If you 2 suck jobs actually find her dribble funny, you really need help developing a sense of humour.

  13. Haha @ muppet! I admit that it is not hard to amuse me, but damn it, that gets me every time.

  14. how were they not protesting when lb was down all day yesterday, and had the petition up?

  15. hey fuckers, I got FIRRRRRRSSSSTTTTTTTTT!!!!

  16. ^Nobody cares.People don’t do that anymore.

  17. Well a heap of Senators and Congressmen have “changed their minds” on SOPA/PIPA post the blackouts sooooo … yeah, fuck it, guess that shit has no impact right?


  18. I guess I should be flattered that I have affected Bradles enough to think about me.

    Mangos, huh?

  19. Thebutteredmuffin has a brown nose. Bradles, what’s with the mango reference? And BULLSHIT are you happy for the internet to go away. The internet is fucking awesome – it gives people with no aspirations something to wank to.

  20. Bradles is just upset because I didn’t think his “self-portrait with old phone” was very clever.

  21. I’m happy for bradles internet to go away, too.

  22. @ Ms This time I fully supported your tirade. Incidentally, I could SEE the anger, over the internets. This pleases me, it means you “want it more”.

  23. On the off-chance that Willie raises his ignorant head around here once more, I’m curious about how he thinks the protests against SOPA and PIPA could have been ANY more effective with the time and resources that the people had available? Yesterday’s strike / blackout resulted in worldwide awareness and discussion on an American policy, and it had the desired result of forcing politicians to change their initial stance of two ridiculously vague Acts. Either that, or they would be committing political suicide. Give me one example of a better, less disruptive, less costly way of “getting your point across” that would have had the desired result before the bills were rushed through the Senate and the House.

    Also, YOU don’t have to be a fan of strikes, because most likely, your rights to a safe workplace, Award wage increases, internal training, basic amenities, rest breaks, collective bargaining, individual bargaining and a host of other perks are due to the union strikes that have come and gone before you.

    Oh, I know it’s annoying when an airline or train service halts transportation because of some pesky little dispute that has nothing to do with you, but when that’s the only power that the workers have, and it’s the only way to make the public aware of the issues at play, then it’s a necessary fucking evil. So next time you’re stuck in traffic because all of the commuters had to drive in to work instead of catching a train, instead of bitching about those annoying unions and the striking workers, cheer for the little guys who are sending a message to The Man on your behalf.

  24. Internal training makes me dislike the affect unions have on large companies. Sorry, but I don’t have the time to sit for up to eight hours a week and do safety training on items that are completely unrelated to my job simply because my company needs to cover its legal ass. I actually have real work to do. And if I don’t complete the training, I’m the one that gets into serious trouble, even if I’ve completed all of my other work. This means that I often have to stay for several hours after work to complete the necessary training without any overtime compensation. Argh! It makes me so mad, I just want to kick a wounded bunny!

  25. ^ First world problem

  26. Bacchante. That was motherfucking enchanting, beautifully written, you didn’t lose your shit or berate any cunt, and I am so in awe of you right now.
    But you do remember where you are, right? I mean, to come across (oh, and I did so do that,too) something so precious in the bilges of this place reminds me of the time my grandmother’s dog swallowed her blood diamond, and watching her hose/dig through all the shit to emerge, justified and triumphant, holding her shining treasure gives me the exact same feeling as what I got from reading that.

    True story.

  27. *effect. Dammit!

    @shimnyshoo, a.k.a. Mr. Obvious, do you really think you’ll find any 2nd or 3rd world problems here on Lamebook?

  28. @beatusmongous actually the reason behind internal training is you, ignorant A$$hole. You would be 1st one in line suing anyone that has not training you properly. I believe if it would be allowed you would sue you mama for giving you a small mind…
    but dickens we have the union now.

  29. herna22, you’re not helping your cause, sweetheart.

    beatus, yes, that would shit me too. I meant useful, bona fide educational training that expands a person’s career prospects. I’m truly sorry that your employers are narrow-minded cockheads.

    MsAnne, I’m happy to be your shit-encrusted diamond. And you’re a bad person for passively watching as your grandma dug through dog shit. That’s not (really) a judgement; I would have done the same thing.

  30. In that case, Bacchante, I agree with you. That kind of training is good, and not only does it help the individual, it helps the company, as well. My company does offer training of that sort sometimes, but it’s very limited, and we have to go on our off-work time. I don’t mind that too much, though.

    Herna, you don’t know me from the next guy, so stop passing judgement on me, or anyone for that matter. I know what I said, and I still stand by the fact that I find the legal trainings annoying (my company seriously overdoes it), but I’m not the type to sue someone over every stupid little thing. In my opinion, people should be responsible for their own actions, good or bad. Burning myself with hot chocolate because I was dumb enough to to try to drink it while driving is no grounds to sue the hot chocolate company. I’m not of that mindset.

    I apologize for offending bunnies, too.

  31. Bacchante, I was about 4. Everyone knows that 4year old are completely useless and best just kept out of the way when granny’s got some shit to dig thru’.
    I got a list of reasons as long as my fucking arm on why I am a bad person, but that isn’t really one of them.

  32. ^ @31 , so no one trolls your ass, so you defer to complimenting another. And making some fictional story for him to acknowledge your god awful humour that you persist on typing up as if laughing inside your lonely mind gives you a sort of peace knowing no one will love you. But hey, you deserve the internet. Not some guy who probably works at a hard blue collar job making an income just simply so his kids can go online like all the other cool kids, but you don’t think he deserves it. Now I see you learned how to type in ‘bold’ good for you, is that your “im lonely someone acknowledge me” font ? Great keep it up, you have everyone giving a fuck.

  33. Also ” Google ‘mistakes in encyclopaedias” , Google ? That’s where you find out all your redeeming factual information, you’re an idiot. And the irony is outrageous. You proved no point in sticking up for ‘regretsy’ either. So either you’re fishing for an argument, or you are really that oblivious in your retardation.

  34. Step it up, Flames. Ironically, you’re the worst at flaming.

  35. can you give me the cliff notes on what he said? I’m not gonna read that bullshit. I’ve read his rambling nonsense before and it was just like digging my hippocampus out with a rusty ice-cream scoop.

  36. MsAnne, I’m sorry, but I have too much self-respect for that. Maybe get someone like freddy to interpret it in their own special way?

  37. besides, I was listening to Rage Against. So eat shit.

  38. …which I meant to post in another thread. Damn you cannabis, you win this one!

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