Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Minor Mishaps

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  1. Ben!

  2. Ben, Stever, etc.
    The power of first compels you.

  3. fuck you frodo

  4. Damn you R1chey1. Damn you, I say!

  5. dammit R1chey1 & Miss Shegas

  6. Easy Jordan, you keep researching.

  7. hahah Miss Shegas. Even lamer than saying that when you’re first is saying that when you’re not first.

  8. One thing Miss Shegas is not, is lame.

  9. Daniel/Tony: Jeez, that stuff hasn’t been around since God was a boy or anything.

  10. refer to post number TWO. pretty much the lamest thing ever.

  11. Ah, Wordy, thanks for the back, darling. 😀

    How’s things, my sister in perviness? What has happened to some of the former cohorts here in the comments? I assume you’ve got the in on all cool kids gossip.

  12. I wish I could be more of a help to you, Miss, but I’m as clueless as you are as to the whereabouts of most of the old gang. I’m figuring they all got bored with the joint, and pissed off. It happens, don’t it? Nothing ever stays the same. But I do miss all those bastards…

  13. I would love to see an ex on a porn site. I always seem to see them in the STD section on WebMD.

  14. Haha I wouldn’t like to be Daniel having to clean his sheets the next morning. That’s even worse than the reusable pads.

  15. Son…I am dying…get me my blackberry so I can tweet my last words to my 14 fans before I die…

  16. Totally, Jonjones. Look my back is broken and I just might be paralyzed for life, let me stick this pen in my mouth and type a status update. Or have the asshole that mugged me do it for me

  17. Jordan i’ve been ‘that guy’ for fucking years mate!

    Imagine logging on to the interweb only to see the woman I lost my virginity to getting savagely banged by two Eastern Europeans of undisclosed origin!

    Worst thing was Mum seemed to be enjoying it.

  18. I’ve seen two of my exes on Jerry Springer. But to be fair, I was also on that episode.

  19. Also, if the last one is true, on a porn “pop up”?? Yeah, right buddy. Ok, we believe you weren’t looking at porn on purpose…. yeah… sheesh

  20. @19… i was just thinking that.

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