Monday, December 7, 2009

Minor Setbacks



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  1. So Matts good at removing calluses off skanky feet?

  2. ” The second he take my breath away ” oh !!! i see u guy play S & M , matt does the strangle huh

  3. Awww nikita….family relation ship , it always moved me to tear , so beautiful ……………

  4. “the most sweetest guy”

  5. Neither of these two posts are lame…just annoying.

    Also, I’d like to thank Cullen for pointing out that Matt removes calluses from feet for a living. Pedifile…get it? ha……

    Okay, I’m done.

  6. “Pedifile”! LOL I’m Lovin’ It

  7. I bet Nikita is mad because her little brother stole her caps lock key.

  8. Alex rools.

  9. So Nikita wants her little brother out of her life, but DOESN’t unfriend her brother’s “2 faced little bitch?”

  10. The Scarlet Pimple

    If only Nikita would take her lithium regularly, she wouldn’t have these problems.

  11. One correct ‘you’re’ out of four. Impressive.

  12. It’s very important in life to not date girls like Nikita.

  13. @nim: stop being pathetic and just trying to cause shit. Do something constructive and attempt some actual humour or at least a useful conversational piece because that’s what we’re all here for. Grow up we are not all thirteen years old and need to see you starting bitch fights.

  14. Was I the only one who saw Matt’s full name at first? but they were quick to fix it..

  15. is it just me or do others hope she’ll ingest a bottle of sleeping pills when a day is too much for her?

  16. Let this be a lesson to you, young Alli. Humans cannot fly. If you need to try more than once, maybe you deserve to be street pizza.

  17. HAHA “emo wubb”. Cullen you sir a fucking winner!!! Someone get this guy a medal for being fucking awesome!!!!

    Nikita is one of those people you keep on your friends list just so you have something to laugh at on a daily basis. Nikita keep the laughs coming!!!

    @Sensible Madness: LOL!!!

  18. I love Nikita. The drama, the suspense, theo’erweening sense of entitlement.
    All she needs now is a clothing design firm and we can tune in every weekday morning to see who fakes their death first.

  19. alli,
    what you wrote was not a personal ad.
    we’re expected not to swear at minors.

    that is all.

  20. @Secret_Squirrel:
    How exactly was I causing a bitch fight? I think you’re the one that needs to take your own advice, as your piece was neither humorous nor usefully conversational.

  21. @Secret_Squirrel; and nim: Are the both of you female? IF you are then i will start organising a baby pool full of honey so that you two may sort out your differences 🙂

  22. Insane. The old standby is still good. HA!

    For the record, I didn’t get what Secret Squirrel was talking about with the bitch fight accusation. I don’t see anything like that.

    Nim is clean

  23. Despite the fact that Cullen a) can’t distinguish between lovers of feet and lovers of children and b) shares his name with a sparkly vampire, I still love him.

    And Alli must be one morbid bitch if before Matt all she thought about were the seconds of life she was losing each day. Unless she’s terminally ill, in which case I feel kinda bad for the above statement.

  24. Matt= Door Matt

  25. I don’t know, but when I see Cullen I think it’s a username, but hey. What do I know? I’m just a pedifile.

  26. lol @Secret_Squirrel, Who shit in your cornflakes? Sounds like you’re the one starting shit. Leave poor Grammar Nazi Nim alone.

    Annyways, Cullen was almost a win for me. Almost.
    + When, and where is “you can just rool around with yourself” an insult?

  27. They see me roolin’
    They hatin’

  28. Cullen is still a win for me.
    Just this once I can look past the spelling and grammar mistakes.

  29. I hate PDF files!!!

  30. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Anyone tried to read “thick think and thin” and get tongue tied? I kept getting stuck trying to combine thick and think in some coherent way but my brain baulked.

  31. I am Cullen, Hear me roar.

  32. Is it strange that what somehow disturbs me most is the vast amount of spelling mistakes here?

  33. So we’re assuming that Nikita is older than FIFTEEN because Alex said ‘you’re how old…’ which wouldn’t work as an insult unless she was, say, NOT a child.
    And yet, she can’t spell (‘rool’… ?), she uses only caps lock for whatever reason…
    I’ve heard the excuse, “Oh, it’s the INTERNET! Who even cares?”
    Well, I do, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Using poor grammar and poor spelling (or should I say ‘GRAMER N SPELIN’) just makes you sound thick.
    Sorry. Rant over 😛

  34. Nothing like being called a paedophile. I love people.

  35. Cullen and Edderzz ftw. Thank you sharing friend (: Ahahaha!

  36. If it wasn’t Cullen’s confusion of bizzare sexual interested that would of been my personal favorite own of the day

  37. *interests

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