Monday, September 17, 2012


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  1. How could you misinterpret Jordan playing with her dog? Is it just because her dog shares a name with an ancient civilisation and a brand of condoms? Are we ten years old?

  2. Bukake would probably be a better word for Melodie next time.

  3. She named her dog after a brand of condoms.
    I understand it was an ancient city first, but it’s been thousands of years since then. A Trojan is now just a schlong sheath.

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  5. hootie the blowfish

    I’m not willing to assume Simmi et al misinterpreted Roger. It’s not much less likely that they’re all idiots as it is that just three of them are idiots.

  6. I think Roger had a clever, intentional pun, and it flew over their heads like an F-16 chasing a donut.

  7. an f-16 chasing a what?

    what the fuck, beat?

  8. Please tell us more Joyce

  9. fuck it. i’m not letting this go just yet.

    So, I’m imagining an F-16 chasing a donut, right? Donuts only move as fast as the squad car that is transporting them, and almost always at ground level.

    it just can’t end well for the aircraft. or the cop.

  10. ^ Now try thinking about it while you’re stoned.

  11. while I’m not stoned, you mean.

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