Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Missing the Music

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  1. Faggot.

  2. Unless it’s a pun, and then everyone pipes up.

  3. Wouldda be a fuck load more impressive if they’d managed to come up with more than one example. You know what’d be really great? Raising awareness of shit jokes.

  4. Perhaps it’s because of the abundant spelling mistakes you see everyday.

  5. Somebody kick his ass.
    It wasn’t funny.

  6. This was actually pretty guitaring funny.

  7. I was going to say something about taking the tuba to work and how full of spit/spitiful it was, but I don’t have the energy to concoct what would most likely be a terrible joke.

    Make one up yourself, and thumbs down accordingly.

  8. Gee, what a flute-ile effort. Tuba’d you can’t come up with a joke on your own. Uke can’t just expect us to come up with all the jokes for you, you know.

  9. Flute.

  10. Glockenspiel.

    But most of all, we need more cowbell!

  11. What a drum post

  12. that’s because most people can’t spell anyways so they just think that’s how it’s spelt

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