Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Modern Country Music

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  1. Country music is for square-dancing and sissies.

  2. Hilarious and true

  3. freedom costs a buck o five.

  4. N word.

  5. Country music is why us Brits think Americans are all cousin loving hillbillys!

  6. ^lets not forget “Here comes Honey BOo-Boo”, Goerge dubya, and Nascar.

  7. We have better teeth. Hell, even the redneck country-lovers in America have better teeth than the upper class citizens of your Queen’s land.
    Now, just chew on that for a grip whilst I listen to some Five Finger Death Punch.

  8. So everyone is just going to forget the rape joke and be okay with it?

  9. Another one of those “tolerant” liberals. The ignorance is strong in that one.

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