Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Mom Bomb

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  1. Stupid fucking cunt.

  2. I once overheard a coworker getting a car insurance quote. At one point she said “Property insurance? Is that in case I hit a house?”

  3. BentBob, I just won a game of ‘Spot the Incel’ and it’s all thanks to you.

  4. And I just won a game of spot the feminist this could just have easily been a man and I would have called them a stupid fucking cunt. Grow up, retard.

  5. I’m definitely not a feminist, I just call it like I see it. I clearly struck a chord, little buddy. Just go back to your mom’s basement and comb your neck beard.

  6. Good for you. You’re still an utter retard.

  7. The c word is really considered extreme and more a reflection of the person using it versus the person they’re saying it about. Can you just stick to the standard b word? I usually enjoy your comments but I was disappointed to see you use that word. Perhaps you’re self isolated with a woman you can’t stand and the anger is bleeding out to your online activities?

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