Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mom Logs On

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  1. I facestalked him and is from my hometown of Limerick. us limerick lads were always proud of our dumps.
    our mothers taught us well.

  2. So this post has been up for almost 2 hours and the only comment made is by the person who apparently submitted it? Is this the most unremarkable LB post ever? (surely not) Or have you all become so desensitised to posts like this it’s not worth commenting on? (surely not yet) Or have you all just gone and died on me?…

    Where is everybody?

  3. A parent should always go before a child, it’s the natural order of things.

    Still alive Wordy, just haven’t had goof-off time yet.

  4. no i said facestalk,
    it still is a pretty shit post

  5. Literally.

  6. ya. pun was fully intended but too easy. it could have gone south and gone down the crapper.

  7. wtf I’m not from Limerick. i’m from louisiana

  8. Bleh. Annoying…not funny…moving on…

  9. I remember the first time I took a shit in my new home, my mum was not happy…she wanted it on her face not her tits.

    My mum is a scatty old bird but I love her.

  10. Imamofo….that made me choke. Toilet humor gets me every time.

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