Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Momentous Media Moments

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  1. meh


  3. meh is correct.

  4. so meh -.-

  5. How dou you spell Osama again? And that came from the fox news site too.

  6. its usama. we changed it in the us because people wouldnt like having usa in a terrorists name

  7. One can only assume knole isn’t being sarcastic, seeing that this is the internet and all.

    His name was Osama, but some American media only display USAma as a propoganda tool and as an insult to Osama.

    It’s just childish if you ask me… Maybe we could call Hitler Shitler?

  8. osama and usama are just different transliterations of the original arabic. osama is the most commonly used in western media, but in france for example he is known as oussama ben laden. it isn’t a mistake, it isn’t a propaganda tool and it has nothing to do with USA.

    one can only assume the three morons above are americans who get their ‘news’ from conspiracy websites.

  9. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Vincent, you seem to be a pedantic asshole with a superiority complex, are you by any chance German?

  10. @stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities
    No he doesn’t he seems like a guy who knows what he is talking about correcting three people who don’t.
    And he is right, as verified by Wikipedia, the internet source of accuracy and perfection:
    “There is no universally accepted standard for transliterating Arabic words and Arabic names into English; bin Laden’s name is most frequently rendered “Osama bin Laden”. The FBI and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as other U.S. governmental agencies, have used either “Usama bin Laden” or “Usama bin Ladin”, both of which may be abbreviated as “UBL”.”

    Obviously the federal agencies use a different transliterator from the rest of the world. Which actually makes sense if you think about it.

    As for the humour in this post, that’ll probably take 7 years to find and in the end I still won’t be sure if I got it.

  11. lol people fighting over a DEAD man’s name,this is kind of ish im looking for here lol

  12. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @peter right or not, he’s still a pedantic asshole with a superiority complex and seems to hate Americans, whom he finds moronic. Who cares how one spells Osama or al qaeda, hating Americans is terrorism; so Vincent is a terrorist and not a German as I initially thought.

  13. Haha.

  14. lol well said strombeutel

  15. Americans have to spell everything phonetically in order for their country to work. True story.

    For all our American friends, the above reads:

    Americuns hav2spel evrythin fonetckly n’orda fo’ there cuntry 2wrk. Tru storey.

    How do they run the World? I wish Alexander the great was still alive… those were the days

  16. Boring.

  17. Just reread the stupidity in comments #5 #6 and #7. I think Vincent was being mild on them.

  18. I like Frankie’s. i hope it is not plagiarized, but it probably is.

  19. @ stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities
    Fair shout. I’ll roll with that.
    but having said that:
    @ buckle_up
    They are prime fuckmonkeys indeed.

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