Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Badvertisements

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  1. first!

  2. second!

  3. third!

  4. lmao.

  5. @spastix – please go jump out a window, thanks. =) By the way I am Two Hundred and Ninetieth

  6. idiot!

  7. Follow me after I die…

    “Well I died. Guess I had one too many chili cheese dogs, but I regret nothing!”
    1 hour ago via Facebook Afterlife

    “Standing at the pearly gates, waiting to get in! Exciting!”
    34 minutes ago via Facebook Afterlife

    “Well I didn’t make it into heaven. Burning in hell”
    22 minutes ago via Facebook Afterlife
    4 people Like this.

  8. @ MikeysRight: That’s fantastic!

  9. Question (((raises hand)))

    …how does facebook know when you die? So you mean it is true that facebook is run by aliens that read your brainwaves from a secret spy satalite? Damn it! I knew I should have kept my foil helmet!

  10. @Username_Login – is it that annoying? All you have to doo is skip down 3 comments and voila, your at the (real) comments.

    P.S. I work in a ground floor office, if I jump from there I fear I will disappoint you with, at best, a strained ankle.

  11. LOL.. the Facebook AfterLife is actually a good idea.. it will look spooky 😀 i bet many people will have similar ideas like MikeysRight has..

  12. Facebook is a front for the Matrix – Cognito Ergo Sum – which is latin for “Suck a Cock”

  13. Final status message? Like what? “Please don’t judge me by my porn collection”? I guess I could see some value in that…

  14. @spasix – Yes it is that annoying it just reminds me of kids yelling “last one there is a rotten egg,” which I always hated too.

    I don’t know if a strained ankle would disappoint, try it and see. I don’t want to be responsible for serious injury anyway.

  15. Thank the Goddess for facebook else how would I ever know my friends and loveones are dead? That is just in reallllly bad taste.

  16. “I would like to leave my vibrator collection too my sister, have fun Kelly”
    1 hours ago via Facebook Afterlife

  17. Someone needs to link me to this haha

  18. @MikeysRight

    Will you marry me??

  19. @spastix Try jumping head first. I find it hard to believe that someone who works in an office writes “First,” “second,” or “third.” Unless you’re 13 working in the Principal’s Office giving him a good rim job.

  20. First one is a fake. 🙂

  21. first!

  22. “I took Stix’s advice and I guess it worked, I heard the doctor mention a cerebral hemorrhage consistent with head injury, tell the principle I took our secret to the grave”
    2 Minutes ago via Facebook Afterlife

  23. @Username_Login


    (I’m now off to jump out of my window, but thats ok because I signed up with the Facebook Afterlife. Keep an eye on my status! bye!)

  24. just passing through

    fb updates from a dead guy = scary.

    reminds me of my favorite hallmark card ever:

    the front reads “wishing you were here…”

    inside reads “unless you were dead, then that would be scary.”

  25. You know I am getting more and more ideas in my head for this can I just sign up for facebook afterlife now and fake my death tomorrow? Seriously what good is this site if you can not see the responses from all 200 of your “closest friends”



  27. I’m gonna create an application that sends out e-cards after I die.

    They’re all gonna say “Wish you were here” on the front and then inside it’ll say “seriously.” and have a picture of a graveyard.

    “Having sex with your recently deceased mom. Yes, she’s as much of a slut now, as she was when she was alive.”
    33 minutes ago via Facebook Afterlife

  28. lmao @ #22. hahaha.

  29. “I took Stix’s advice and I guess it worked, I heard the doctor mention a cerebral hemorrhage consistent with head injury, tell the principle I took our secret to the grave”
    2 Minutes ago via Facebook Afterlife”

    Yeah, spastix FTW on that one.

  30. Spastix, it’s nice how you refer to “under the bridge” as your ground floor office.

    Rather than an Emu, I would’ve liked to have seen a 5 year old Peruvian child “quit smoking advertisment”.

  31. @MikeysRight… Mikey, you ARE right! >_<

    Also, I think the service is useful. I mean everybody knows the worst part about dying is the fact that you can't update Fbook, or twitter anymore.

  32. What kind of depressing postings were being picked up by Facebook for the user to get a “follow me after I die” advertisement? Was it all RIPs? Or something far more interesting like, “I was going to kill myself last night, but…”?

  33. Antarctican became a fan of, “I love it when I have an idea for a lamebook comment only to see that MikesRight had already said it so much better” group.

    Also, nice one @ Sensible (#13)

  34. MikeysRight for the win.
    Cuz nothin says “I’m dead” like a held in tweet.

  35. @Zoned I used to hold in my tweets, but it always made my stomach hurt. Better to let them out discreetly, and blame it on the dog.

  36. @Sensible Madness lol if u knew what tweet means… booo if u didn’t…. but i’m betting u did…. we can’t ALL be idiots in this world now can we?

  37. I have a twitter account, I’m totally “hep” and “with it”, as the kids say.

  38. its “hip” daaddy-o… oh dear lord i’m talking like my father….

  39. Allygirl just stop dear..

    @Sensible Madness: I once let out three. THREE.

  40. Smokin’ bird…in pic 3 that is

  41. lol, have never heard gas being called a “tweet”. We call them toots at my house. “tweets” are what I do when on twitter, toot is what I do when I enjoy too much chili.

  42. @stix #19, epic WIN

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