Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Emma

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  1. Lamebook prediction of the day. “9 has fucked her”

    No fucking news there. That virgin fuck has claimed to fuck everything.

    Stever? STEEEEEEEEEEVER? Did I get the amount of e’s right? Am I hollering fucking loud enough for you?

    Should I say fist?

  2. Me too. Happy lamebiok day.

  3. You alright, Capn?
    I’ll add a few.
    “Dylan is a c-word.”

  4. Yeah, I’m good, I’ve got a pyramid of cans going at this point…been at it since 6:30 est. I’ll tell ya’ h’what though…All this talk of dudes, emma watson, sauce, sluts, and 11 year olds sounds an awful lot like the work of 4chan! I’m not sayin’ anything one way, or another, or what these boots were made for…I’m just, ya’ know saiyan!

  5. Karma, peace, poop…

  6. Capitan, time to move on to something stronger.

  7. Only if you’re willing to donate. Y’all know I don’t got a job right now.

  8. I thought church services are free. When I meant something stronger, I meant religion or love etc.

  9. Who are you kidding? I’m not allowed in church…and love if free, whether it’s legitimate or not. As a pirate, I’m unwilling to budge from this logic.

  10. *is…

  11. I thought “something stronger” meant Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s ice cream.

  12. Cap’n you got the E’s right; but not nearly enough R’s!
    Ps. being up at 6am with no job you should have wayyyyy more “First!s”

  13. Steeeever always thumbs up his own ass…

    …I mean comment.

  14. Hot.

  15. Ah, the special pixie-haircut-hating breed of chauvinist douche.

  16. You’re right on both parts Beatus…
    Obviously I thumb up my own comments cause I’m hilarious as hell, as well as dead sexy.

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