Monday, August 27, 2012

More Fail

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  1. eh. if samia is under age 10 she gets a pass.
    however her parents need to be fucking shot for letting her on fæcebook.

    Neil Young. Sleeps With Angels.

  2. At least they didn’t say Lance Armstrong this time.

  3. I heard they took the moon landing off him for doping.

  4. I wouldn’t mind putting a little of my leaning tower into her tight, little pisa…

  5. ^ew. it just really fucking creepery up in here.

  6. if you read Haggie’s comment as if said by Fat Bastard it pushes some of the creepiness in comedy

    Old man Walk on Harvest moon

  7. What’s even more fail? MissAnnThrope’s shitty life. She’s so articulate and uses obscure words that no one has heard since the 1860’s…yet uses her “talents” on nothing but Lamebook comments.
    T2000’s mother isn’t fake though. She’s a real whore.

  8. ^oh my fucking goodness.
    Trolling101; Pathetic cries For Attention, is in session.

  9. “^ew. it just really fucking creepery up in here.”

    itzmurda…you wanna enlighten us as to the words that haven’t been used since the 1860’s? Fucking idiot. My God, do you wake up in the morning and think, “another day, another way to make myself sound like a fucking tool”. And not the tools which are really useful, like hammers, cos you can use hammers to hit some sense into idiots, but the really redundant ones – like a fucking paint brush.

  10. And regarding Samia, it’s not like she’s the only dumb American – there’s a whole nation of them.

  11. @itzmurda, I am not a MsAnneThrope fan, but I do read his/her ill-natured posts and not once have I encountered an unfamiliar word. It think that the real problem here is that you are only semi-literate.

    You might want to have that taken care of.

  12. Someone has never read any Poe.

  13. I’m also willing to bet that Itzmurda doesn’t know what cunnilingus, fellatio, and coitus are, either.

  14. carlosspicyweiner

    You’re all cunts

  15. USA! USA! USA! USA!

  16. Hey itz? I think it’s time to go away, change your screen name (again), and try back in a few months. Now up to bed, the adults want to talk for a bit.

    Hey crusty, do enlighten us–from what nation of geniuses do you hail?

    Carlos, your unwarranted anger concerns me. What are your TS3 and TS4 levels?

  17. ill-natured?!

    I’m fucking crushed.

  18. nah. not really. i hate rats. they’re like pigeons without wings.
    and pigeons are the fucking worst.

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