Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More PhoDOHs

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  1. lol!

  2. You know how people often say that people should have to pass a test before having a kid, to stop the fucking idiots of the world reproducing? Well, I think, if Lamebook has taught us anything in the past year, it’s that we need to add cameras and tattoos to that list.

  3. Chewbacca shagger

    I’m a pastrychef and we are always getting people trying to order these kinds of cakes. I did a few when i was 18 but now we just flat refuse. A boob cake sometimes maybe but no dicks and no pussys. BTW, they must have forgotten what a vagina looks like.

  4. Yea the benefit of the doubt would be comfortable for the parent. And I assume pic #2 is just a lame joke and that the sunbed is off.

    But in general, from the kids’ viewpoint, I’d say better to be doubting a parent once too often, rather than silently, unwittingly accepting child abuse because you’re too scared of being wrong.

    Pic #1 is so offputting it’s brilliant. “Can you see what it is?” No, i think I need some pointers. A Choc Chuff? Bloody Brioche? Clunge Cake? Period Pie? Tampon Tart? Menstruation Munch? Pussy Pudding? Drop-Stop Dessert? Twatty Treat? Good-good Gateaux? Baked Beaver? Snatch Sponge? Chill-your-bush Cherry Cake? Aaagh getting too involved!

  5. LOL Tampon Tart, you rule Cassie.

  6. The cake… is it a bear? I can’t tell what it is, someone please let me know!!

    So is it safe to assume that Ben has gone black, and will never go back?

  7. I baked a penis cake for my pseudo faux step sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. Her financee wouldn’t have any. lol Maybe the cake is for a party.

  8. nice work with the details on the cake especially the tampon. Wow. Just wow. LOL

  9. LoL
    I don’t know who uploaded it from my wall but the comments made me laugh.

    The cake was awesome it was chocolate with swedish berry in the center. The tampon was made of sugar! Betty Crocker had no clue that her cake mix was going to be used for this.


  10. gawd. ew. that cake has put me off my lunch 🙁 why why why… vag cake i can understand as a joke cake for someone’s birthday… menstruating vag cake… not so much. *puke*

  11. @59, wait, what?

  12. I’d eat that cake, it looks good.

  13. Jaundice or not, who thinks a tanning bed is a good place to put a baby? It might be stable but not very wide in my opinion.

    Anyway, going for lunch. In the mood for some cake….

  14. Haha. Sprinklepubes.

  15. Oh, I looked at it as Moose and Goose, but duck and buck makes more sense. Still not sure of the lame – maybe it’s the mossy comment. Or that the guy is actually a vegetarian.

  16. The creativity and effort behind that cake is probably what makes it so most incredibly gross. It actually looks tasty, which makes me wanna eat it, yet i have a feeling that i’d puke all over the place if i tried… o_o

  17. pearls-before-swine

    That cake is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.

  18. @Pearls- Ohhhhhh, Agreed!! AGREED!!! I really, REALLY, REALLY WISH I could UN-SEE THAT… it should have a “NSFW” tag on it, no- it should have a “NSFAE”: “Not Suitable for Anyone’s Eyes” tag.

  19. That cake. Who in their right mind would do that?

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