Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Shit


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  1. Oh yeah, use just ONE of the egg beater things, not both. That’d be a tight squeeze! Not to mention the spray back…

  2. Was going to say sort of the same thing as S. My pediatrician told me to dab a cotton swab with vaseline and wipe across my daughters rectum to stimulate that reflex…It’s nasty, but works

  3. Ew, why the fuck do people need to talk about their babies like that? It’s disgusting…

  4. To all you “doctors” A: Infantile constipation is quite common (i dont think is associated with the immodium) and B: It is a common practice to use a thermometer per rectum for stimulation and it is advicable from most paediatricians. Nothing wrong with it.

  5. YOu people are morons.. Don’t post on something you obviously know nothing about…

    I have an 8 week old, and she gets constipated often. Unlike this mother, we DID call her doctor. We also called the pharmacist, and my mother. ALL of them said to give her the thermometer. No, you don’t “wiggle it” around, but you use it just as if you are taking their temp (which is the way ANY doctor will tell you to take a baby’s temp)

    And the medicine the mother took MORE than likely did not cause the baby’s constipation. Most medicine does not cross into the breaskmilk, which also means that she couldn’t of taken a medicine to get rid of it for her baby. Ask any lactation specalist that one…

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