Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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  1. I loled at the last one.

  2. Smaller sex toys do exist, actually. Not all of us like the scary baseball bat looking dildos.
    Also, way to celebrate the memory of your grandpa…

  3. I hope that Jennifers friends are liking the lack of 4 inch dildos in the world and not the death of her Grandfather.

    And I really hope no one in her family is on Facebook and see’s this. Definitely lame.

  4. my pocket rocket is only like 3 inches

  5. Is she saying that a 4″-er reminds her of her grandpa?

  6. WTF???? who is it related?
    On a second thought , I don’t wanna know…

  7. Maybe her grandpa had a tiny penis.

  8. Thanks for the giggles Jennifer.

    On a side note…why do kids have FB pages? One of my “freinds” has a page for their 1 year old…I haven’t friended her, but really what is she going to have on there?? “X has just had a nap”, “X is partial to boobies”…

  9. I just assumed she was quoting her grandpa?

  10. They’re all filthy peasants.

  11. “Dildos” and “Grandpa” should NEVER be in the same sentence.

  12. Pretty sure that’s an awesome quote from Jennifer’s grandpa.

  13. Gramps was apparently an authority on dildos

  14. The story is that she recently lost her Grandpa and posts “RIP GRANDPA” at the end of all her status updates. Apparently including the highly innapropriatte ones.

  15. dildo one. ha. amazing.

  16. @11: I completely agree with you there.

  17. I’m less concerned about the Swine Flu and more perturbed at the fact that Alysha’s post suggests there are 12 year olds on Facebook.
    Then again, the fact that someone that young can spell and punctuate better than the majority of morons featured on Lamebook just makes me want to pat her on the head and give her a lollipop for the good work.

  18. I’m pretty sure that means she is a parent with children under twelve who she has to care for other than for the couple of hours a day she’s able to get in there. Otherwise, she wouldn’t get to see him at all. Reading comprehension FTW.

  19. @8 People have Twitter accounts for their dogs so nothing surprises me anymore.

  20. Jesus Christ, women suck…

  21. Maybe that’s how Grandpa died.

  22. @Mil, that is simultaneously both disturbing and hilarious.

  23. @11- yet you just put them in the same sentence…

    anyway, first one sucks, second one is just fucking stupid, and the last one is a winnaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr.

  24. Fake boz your such a fucking tool, get a life and a girlfriend.

    and while your at it moving out of your parent’s basement would be a positive step for the future.

  25. I love playing that game “Catholic priest and alter boy” and I always love to win the hot dog eating contest!


  27. For all we know, those might have been her grandpa’s final words before he passed away.

  28. because no one loves dick as much as me

  29. @23 i’m with you on that one!

  30. Maybe her Granda had a giant penis and thats why she doesnt like big dildos!!!

  31. I just assumed “Grandpa” was the nickname of her sugar daddy or something.

    Or… Hefner didn’t die, did he?

  32. @Yo:

    1. Google screaming bloody chaos
    2. ????
    3. PROFIT!

  33. She say’s RIP GRANDPA because her grandpa died while fucking a hooker and so his dead body has a huge boner. The family decided to cut it off, cauterise the end and keep it in a box on the mantelpiece as the communal family dildo (hence the dildo comment). Personally I’m very sad about the whole affair because dear old Gramps used to regularly service my wife my two kids and I, now we’ve been forced to employ an elderly hungarian midget to do it.

  34. The last one is a Sickipedia joke.

  35. A friend of mine has a facebook page for her dog and she posts things like:

    Lucky wants to chew on his own butt.

    and Lucky was a bad boy today.

    and Lucky just got yelled at by his daddy for peeing on the couch.

    I won’t say anything bad about it, in case they ever read this and discover that I’m talking about them… but I would never do that.

  36. Crussty – A pocket rocket is not a dildo, it’s a vibrator.

  37. Kristina is hilarious.

  38. Fake boz you completely proved my point there, nice work. Not more than ten minutes after I post something you reply with your gay little half-constructed jokes.


  39. my mothers pussy is sooo tight, my pencil dick barely fits.

  40. they do, jennifer. they’re called butt plugs.

  41. the last one wasnt, lame it was hilarious! it made my evening 😛

  42. i guess jennifer was trying to get in all the info she had for the day…

  43. Yes, no dildos should be bigger than four inches… big ones stretch and ruin vaginas for ‘short’ blokes everywhere…

  44. Poor grandpa died and his penis got even smaller. Girl what were you thinking!

  45. I know the second one, I’m friends with both of them. Alysha is the mother of a very small child, not a 12-year old herself.

  46. wtf 1227.com?

  47. Children under the age of 12 shouldn’t be on facebook.

  48. ^^wat

  49. lolwut? methinks das grandfather had a small dick.

  50. speaking about dildos and reminiscing about your grandpa…?! Jennifer – when last DID you see your boyfriend?

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