Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Morning Quickies

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  1. BE И

    according to my forearm.

    Thanks Joe!

  2. My preconcived idea of Brooke was that she was a genius.

    Guess she’s right, after all.

  3. I don’t play many videogames, but I’ve known two girls who were really smoking hot nerdy chicks who play Warcraft. And I’m pretty sure they banged a few Warcraft dudes (presumably the few with reasonable hygiene). I’m just saying, leave the nerds alone Daniel. They get theirs. I’m told band geeks get plenty of trim, too.

  4. Why does Daniel have two names blurred out?

  5. Haha @ Benisglory!

    And yes, my ex-boyfriend had the WoW disease.. It wasn’t until I cured him of it when he lost his virginity.
    You do not want to know how old he was.

  6. @Bulldog: true but think if they ran abstinence-only PLUS gave out Warcraft accounts! that might help!

  7. Is your boyfriend’s name Daniel?

  8. His name was Adrrriiaaaann.

  9. You just have to be careful about typos with that sort of thing. A few missed keystrokes on the syllabus, and all of a sudden you’re running absinthe-only sex education, and the only reason anybody stops screwing is to run away from the armies of giant, marauding pink elephants.

  10. Is anyone else confused by the first one? Is Scott just a racist or is he really being tapped by terrorists?

  11. I think he’s getting random requests from those foreign dudes who just troll facebook adding little boys they want to do… things with.. You know of the foreigh kind.

    Maybe that’s just me? Dang.

  12. i think Scott is just an a-hole. 😀

  13. Shit, foreign.

  14. My first impression of Brooke is that she’s a bloody effin’ retard who thinks she’s smart because all retards think they’re smart. I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong(g).

  15. i love malteaser too

    Scott, what else do those terrorists tell you in your head? Do they fight with the kashistis as well, while they are in there?

  16. @throwingtofu-I think your preconceived idea of Brooke is probly right on the moneeeee…..

  17. bollywood_rocks83

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say Daniel might know what he’s on about. He probably just got laid after getting rid of his WOW account and figures since he’s experienced it, he’s a good authority on the link between playing WOW and staying a virgin.

  18. XxCarpeNoctemxX

    Wow. Okay.

    I’ve been reading Lamebook for a LONG time, but I just had to sign up to say something.

    What Daniel said about WoW was submitted to bash.org by my friend Josh ages ago. I’m not saying that Josh made it up, though he claims he did, but Daniel definitely didn’t. In fact, it looks like he copied-and-pasted it directly from the site.


  19. I didn’t formerly have a preconceived idea of Brooke, but I sure do now.

  20. @-XxCarpeNoctemxX: i bet you’re one of those WoW kids

  21. Actually, no. I’m not. Lol. I’ve never played WoW in my life. I honestly don’t even know its premise.

    I was just defending my friend’s honor. 😉

  22. XxCarpeNoctemxX

    Also. Garden State? Really?

  23. Don’t worry car peno – I have already ensured Daniel’s virginity and all I needed was a rubber glove and a pair of kitchen shears.

  24. Scott is either schizo or unaware of the “Ignore” button on all of those friend requests.

  25. bahahahahaha! The last one is brilliant.

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, He could never abandon you!
    “Seek me and you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart!” Jer.29:13

  26. can this person posting bible quotes at the bottom of posts just fuck off already?

  27. @XxCarpeNoctemxX: lamebook hosts bash ripoffs all the time. Lamebook = bash with screenshots and comments.

  28. @donsimon: Jesus loves you.

  29. lol @ terrorist friend requests.

    What are they going to do? Start inviting you to suicide bombing parties and annoying martyrdom groups?

  30. katy, that was funny!

  31. Say what you want about terrorists. At least they have an ethos.

  32. Thanks ee 🙂 How ‘ya doing?

    Walter, true dat… I’d like to say that I have “an ethos” also. However, mine revolves more around drinking lots and having dirty sex.

    I like mine better.

  33. I’m doing good. 🙂

    I like yours way better as well! Yay for drinking and dirty sex!

  34. Katy and ee, you truly are two woman after my own heart 😉

  35. Sofa, little do you know, we’re after so much more 😉

    And see? Who wants to be a terrorist when being a hedonist (or katypantyist) has so many more benefits?

    Cheers to drinking and dirty sex!

    (where are you word??)

  36. That we are katy, that we are!

    I am starting my cocktail countdown now. T-minus 6 hours until I can hold the glory! Sex will follow shortly there after.

  37. Nice ee!

    I started at noon… I am currently at T-minus 4.25 hours. (for both cocktail and cocktail… minus the tail 😉 )

  38. Garden State ruined the Shins.

    That is all.

  39. inb4youonlylikebandsbeforetheyrepopular

  40. I’m confused about the Garden State thing. Zach Braff only wrote two movies, and Garden State was the second. Sorry, Daniel, but you FAIL.

  41. What is it with people that can’t spell? I understand and can even forgive small mistakes cause you’re typing quickly, I can also forgive screwing up there, they’re and their or too and to or your and you’re. (Unless you spell too as two, then you can get fucked).Honestly though, turn on your fucking spell check and when that red squiggly line appears heed its advice and correct your spelling before you look like some grade two drop out.

  42. I concur with the WoW comment….it goes for many other addicting online games as well.

    I saw the ‘light’ about 3 years ago…and haven’t turned back to online games….the real world is so much more fun >.>

    Plus the sex is great

  43. @IceyAngel

    I play WoW from time to time (and I’m serious, maybe once a month, when my friends ask me to.) and I still have a steady girlfriend, and get the pinuch at least once a week. I think it has to do with other factors, maybe WoW broadens them.

  44. Met my fiance due to WoW. We have a two year old son now. XD

    Plenty of sex, full-time job, adorable kid, and I still get to play games. That’s the life!

  45. P.S. – there are a LOT of amazingly hot nerdy men. I would never be without one!

  46. @chrismonster

    I have come to find that short of egregious issues ie; bursting puss filled boils, rotting limbs falling off or wearing checkered shirts, you can, and will get laid eventually. Michael Cera has hailed in an era of gamer/geek/bumbling idiot love. Hopefully it will pass.

  47. Paranoid Android

    My friends have recently got into the WoW thing and keep trying to persuade me how great and fantastic it is.

    All I see is a bunch of nerdy blokes crouched over their PC’s, pointing and clicking, talking some weird geek-speak and generally opting out of life, just sayin’.

    I’ll pass, thanks.

  48. lol

  49. @IceyAngel

    Not to mention the graphics are way better 🙂

  50. Daniel FTW

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