Monday, November 9, 2009



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  1. Just… ew.

  2. This must be fake, you can tell the two have set it up, it is still funny though as tayler is a retard.

  3. THIRD

  4. Someone needs to teach Tayler the truth.

  5. Fourth

  6. McFourth = McFail.

  7. retards.

  8. How are babies made?

    …Tayler, you’re old enough to be on facebook, you’re old enough to know how babies are made. Get a clue, moron.

  9. I do agree with Matt though, defiantly set up, typical, for boys with brains the size of a fucking ants shit.

  10. Is tayler insinuating that her mother blew a guy and then spit the cum into her own vagina, thus creating her?

  11. Maybe Tayler is saying that, if his Mom swallowed, his Dad would never have bothered using a different entry point.

  12. @10
    Andy Dick actually said that was how he has kids in the movie Funny People.

    So yes.

  13. How is babby formed?

    How girl get pregnant?

  14. I am quite happy for Tayler and people like Tayler to believe that’s how people get pregnant.

  15. ‘your mom joke’ FAIL!

  16. Its really Sam's Choice.

    This doesn’t even make sense.

  17. @ #10 AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  18. Here I thought Tayler was saying that his mom doesn’t swallow, otherwise he wouldn’t be at his PC talking about the Falcons, and instead he would be getting a BJ from his mom. Seriously, if you have to spell it out, it’s not funny anymore.

  19. :f

  20. Then again, I can see where #10 is coming from…

  21. Anyone who names their kid “Tayler” has self-identified as a moron.

  22. @Grashnak

    Why you gotta be such a dick?

  23. Twentythird

  24. We can only pray his mom is on facebook

  25. What the hell kind of comeback is “your face sucks”?

  26. Falcons do rule.
    So do the falcons. SUPABOWL

  27. Tayler’s lack of knowledge when it comes to sex leads me to believe that she is NOT friends with Nartasha.

  28. Top comment Alison! (#14)

  29. **correction**: Natarsha. Right? Oh, who can remember how to spell the ridiculous name!!

  30. Alison FTW

  31. All I could think while reading this..


  32. Hi Maya.

  33. @ jonas

    That. was. probablymyfavoritethingever

  34. Hi Bobo.

  35. lolz

  36. Sex Ed FAIL

  37. way to rip on yourself!

  38. i was not expecting this to go on lamebook but he caught me offguard by saying that

  39. Jesus. What the kid is saying is that if she swallowed all the time, he would not be here. Simple.

  40. I remain unconvinced Robdog

  41. Fortysecond

  42. lame

  43. Always thought the best put-down was “The best part of you ran down the crack of your momma’s ass and became a brown spot on the matress.”

    Still love that one…

  44. @44…i dont get it… Explain?

  45. @45? you need an explanation, really?

  46. @ 44… that reminds me of full metal jacket haha

  47. @Bob That’s because it’s a quote taken directly FROM Full Metal Jacket.

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