Friday, June 17, 2011


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  1. The movie is the The Beaver.

  2. No country for old men
    The Business
    The Firm
    Blood Diamond

  3. Field of dreams
    The Abyss
    Cold Mountain
    Red Dawn
    No Way Out

  4. Pootie Tang
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    Meet the Fockers
    A Mighty Wind

  5. Teeth
    The Perfect Storm
    Girl, Interrupted
    The punisher

  6. I am severely disappointed that so many of you people decided to engage in this activity. You have become that which we mock.

    I describe this entry with my cock: Too long, though quick to disappoint, and filled with unpleasantness.

  7. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there were a few more clever or amusing contributions, but many of these don’t even make sense. Seriously, most of you are as clueless as Jennifer’s fried green tomato.

  8. lol soup.

    i describe this entry with my arsehole: unnaturally large, gapingly vacuous and lined with other people’s shit. also, with gloopy dribbles of spunk trickling out and forming small bubbles of bloodshot protein on my brutalized rim, my pulsating sphincter straining under the impact of several dirty cocks. but i’m not quite sure where that bit fits into the analogy.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Wow, anybody remember back when the comments used to make fun of the people in the post for doing repetitive, unfunny stupid shit … as opposed to joining in.

  10. *facepalm*

  11. I got all excited when I saw that there were 60 comments, thinking that this was going to be an awesomely epic thread.
    My hopes have been considerably dashed.

  12. I can’t believe no one has said “slammin’ salmon”. great movie.

  13. Surely you guys aren’t surprised by this thread? What else did you think people were going to do with this post? For me, the major disappointment lies in the fact that most of these suggestions are very uninspired, and most likely, put forward by men. Let’s face it, these days, most threads on Lamebook are like Soup’s cock – just not as long.

    And thank you, vincent, for giving us that virtual tour inside your rectum.

  14. God forbid anyone should have fun on the internet…

    And shouldn’t it be Missbuzzkillington logging in to decry the attempts at funhaving? If I’m guna be slapped down, I want it to be by the queen of the portmanteau. Or Nathalie Portman.

    Vincent- pictures or it didn’t happen

  15. Zigs Soup, Smoothybuns…
    Well I had fun. That it wasn’t as good for you as it was for me, hey- sucks for you. *Lits cigarette.

  16. Dawn of the Dan

    Commenter #42, you are a fucking moron.
    You can’t just say the name of the first movie that comes into your head. “Gremlins?” “Old School?” What the hell?

  17. Okay, I waited all weekend and I can’t believe nobody thought of;

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

    Where has the world’s sense of humor gone!?

  18. ‘Sideways’

  19. All right, you should have said Twister. That was the answer! Damn it!

  20. I saw this shit on twitter and immediately thought it would be mere nano-seconds before it was on facebook then lamebook. People, we are here to mock, be aloof and cynical from our up on high pedestal you set of fucking ‘tards.

    Only Soup and vincent can hold their heads high (or so I have heard)

  21. The Big Lebowski

  22. Good job on describing YOUR vagina Brad, David, Matty, Andy and Dan.

  23. Good job on being a pedantic vagina, 72.

  24. Man, I just wasted like 5 minutes on this. Now back to senseless fapping and carousing the depths of the internets

  25. Legends of the fall
    The secret to my success
    Larry the cable guy: git-r-done
    The thrill of it all
    Happy endings
    Fierce creatures
    Private school
    Undercover boss (does tv count?)


  27. Oh!!! If tv counts ill say nitro circus lol

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