Monday, December 26, 2011

My Brain Hurts

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  1. Some people should not be allowed to reproduce!

  2. I think this post is fake because like the people are too dumb to be alive.

  3. Okay, so the first one proves that she’s incredibly thick – but the second?? How the hell in any possibly way did she come to that conclusion?! Can anyone explain her progression of thoughts? (Or is anyone brave enough to try to get into her head?)

  4. Where can I get an iPad 2 for under $60? I miss spam…

  5. This post scares me…

  6. @Soul I’m going to guess she thinks they are actually dying in the water, and that everything that happens in every other movie is real, and was surprised Lord of the Rings never actually happened.

    As for the “the people in the movie aren’t alive?” comment, I have absolutely no clue what that means because I lost all my brain cells while reading it.

  7. The only explanation can be that she thought Titanic was a reality show/documentary and has (with her brilliant deductive genius) figured out that it must be “fake”.

    She is then told about it being a remake, which she now mistakenly thinks means that it is not a “real” documentary at all, but some stupid re-enactment, which is why she is disappointed by the fact that the people “arnt alive” (as in, actual people drowning).

    I need to go to hospital now as I had to repeatedly pound my head into the wall to make myself stupid enough to get this translation.


    Hahahahaha MB! Get well soon 😀

  9. Her name is Chervon.

  10. Maybe I’m giving her too much credit, but by “people” I thought she meant the characters rather than the actors. So (spoiler alert) the real Jack and everyone else would actually be dead.

  11. I don’t even think there is a “real” Jack.

  12. Lamebook has taught me that there is a direct correlation between ‘Ridiculous level of name’ and ‘inherent stupidity’.

  13. ^because her parents spelled Siobhán like a pair of retards? And their daughter is clearly developmentally delayed?
    So yeah, ‘inherent stupidity’ but also ‘inherited stupidity’.

  14. I figured Chervon’s parents are dyslexic petrol-heads, which could also explain the stupidity.

    I am thankful for stupid people, though, because without them, life would be far less interesting.

  15. There’s no R in ‘siobhan’ ?? Anyway

    Lol, so true beatusmongous

  16. no. that’s true. there is no ‘r’ in Siobhán.
    there is no q, either. what are you even fucking talking about?

  17. Heh? Go to bed ! It says 3:03am where you’re from.

  18. ^first time dealing with an international server?

  19. Busted.

  20. not really. you were busted with your first post. you stink like n00b.
    First time online?

  21. Yup.

  22. Fuck off and die.

  23. If anyone is seriously this stupid, they should be put down.

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