Friday, March 15, 2013

My German Plumber

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  1. Man, that stinks.

  2. Dawn of the Dan

    This one took me a few seconds.

  3. Because the OP is a Jew or because the OP is an unfunny, racist cunt?

  4. Is racism legal on the internet? You hear of people being prosecuted for stuff they’ve said online…isn’t racism far worse than telling someone they’ve eaten all of the pies and that they are fat bastard?

  5. ^ Only if you’re a cracker honkie gringo haole white trash bastard.

  6. Crackers unite!…..I..uhh…hmmm…Arg?

  7. Is everybody having a good weekend?

  8. necrophiliac64258

    Everytime crusty writes something I get a bit of a tingle in my groin area

  9. Not that I’m saying the joke is okay but German is a nationality not a race.

  10. No, the 100 meter hurdles is a race.

    If you’re referring to my use of the word racist. What else would you call prejudice based on nationality? Because most authorities on the matter would call it racism.

  11. In Hitler’s case, I believe it was called genocide.

  12. 11,000,000/1 kill/death ratio? Hitler was a f*cking camper. I hate campers.

  13. prejudice based on nationality is called prejudice. derp.

  14. Too soon

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