Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Gun!!!


My Gun

Well crap.  Sometimes here at Lamebook we screw up.  Here we are, thinking that this was some lame post containing a baby with a lethal weapon laying on top of him when really it’s just a promotional poster for the new movie “Look Who’s Shooting.”  The movie is a hilarious comedy staring John Turturro and previous recordings of Bruce Lee as the baby’s voice.

What happens when a new-to-the-scene bank robber decides to pull off the ultimate heist without a bit of planning?  I think you know … But wait, a talking baby, strapped with a gat shows up on the scene?!  Oh no!!  Who knows what will happen?!  Be sure to check local listings for times and locations.

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  1. brickswillbeshat

    Palin/Limbaugh FTW!

  2. Anyone else astonished that the kid is white?

  3. Psycho!

  4. I wish that gun was a toy water gun like in Home Alone. Too bad daddies these days don’t believe in good ol’ Sesame Street videos.

  5. Yeah, I’m a pretty strong defender of the 2nd amendment, but that pic is totally beyond defending. On the list of things a baby should be pictured with, “a gun” is definitely not one of them. If Shane wants his 10-year-old to take shooting lessons, fine (and I’d *LOVE* it if the firearms-savvy kid grows up to be a firearms-savvy gay guy because more homosexuals need to be in the NRA!), but dude, from 0 – 10 is Bert & Ernie time, not Smith & Wesson time.

  6. at least he’s not shooting blanks:P

  7. @Sparky:

    in order to be a member of the A-team, this child would need a cigar, not a toothpick or a cigarette.

    i think that, due to his small stature, he would need to prove himself by showing his ability to handle both the gun and a large cigar.

  8. America’s most wanted just dropped its age limit!!!
    lol @ nilda

  9. People pose their children with far more dangerous things than a Sprinfield XD sans magazine (It’s a magazine people, not a clip. At least learn the difference if you intend to use the terms). Cigars, animals, friends from college. The list goes on.

    At any rate, it’s probably not wise to place items far heavier than can be moved by your child on top of their body – regardless of their physical composition or range of practical uses. That said, I’m hopeful the pictured young child is taught proper firearm safety in a the next decade. It’s been over 21 years since I got the memo, and even at war I’ve still never broken a single one of the cardinal rules. Unsurprisingly, I’ve never negligently shot a single thing. Imagine that.

  10. people should understand that sarcasm can’t always be read. so instead of taking it for granted to be understood, JUST EXPLAIN THAT YOU WERE SARCASTIC IN A KIND MANNER INSTEAD OF MAKING IT WORSE

    “WTF August 13th, 2009 at 10:03 am

    What’s lame about this?? At least he took the clip out…”

    sarcasm went over my head for example, but I get it now. text is just not the best vehicle for short concise sarcasm unless hinted at strongly. hint hinthfgh

  11. So he took this after he stole the baby at gunpoint? ‘My son!!!’ Kind of like ‘My sweeties!!’

  12. Thats disgusting

  13. tities and nines.. bahaha..

    i teach my 3 year old muay thai.. those school grounds could be dangerous!

    This kid in pre-school bit my son three times, My little guy went and put that little shit in a rear-naked choke hold.

    Proudest day of my life 🙂

  14. Hey Anthony… SHHHHHH!

  15. baby got back-up

  16. Only in America.

  17. oh jesus christ in heaven. the stupid people really need to stop breeding.

  18. lol i just wonder what hes gonna get for his next birthday……..

  19. I don’t see anything wrong with this…

  20. Nice XD! Yea no mag but its probably got one in the chamber 😉

  21. Heard on the radio today that a couple got arrested for posting pictures of their children with guns. They thought it would be cool to take pictures of their 5 year old and 2 month old (or something like that) and send it to their family and friends. Well someone tipped off child services and the cops. Wonder if this was them?

  22. God. Dammit. Poor kid does not stand a chance growing up in a hillbilly hell like this.

  23. It’s a BB gun, albeit an expensive one. I used to own one….

  24. Listen,
    First off, its quite sick that people would report other people for the way they want to raise their children.
    Second off, gun accidents happen when children AREN’T introduced to weapons and shown the proper way to handle them.
    Third off, I bet if he had condoms and other things around his kid you would be fine with it. Its the same concept, you want to have you kids educated on sex, so you introduce them to these things.

    Just because there is a weapon, doesn’t prove that this family is “hillbilly”
    you people really shouldn’t judge like you do, its kind of sad.

    Also, everyone who thinks this is a real Pistol are well pretty much retards. You can see that the Slide and front of the pistol are one piece, aka the slide could not possible actually work the way it is intended to on a real gun.
    Maybe if your parents introduced you to these things you would know the difference between weapons and toys.

  25. Dear Frank.
    I get your point about education, but a child with a lethal weapon is not safe under any circumstances. Accidents happen and I’ll be damned if a five year old understands the concept of death no matter how many times you tell them not to pull the trigger. The fact that this particular gun is fake, a toy even, only makes it worse. Besides, I don’t quite understand your comparing a gun with condoms. As far as I know condoms are used for sex, which is not only a fundamentally non-lethal activity, but actually a vital part of our species continued survival. Guns on the other hand, are used for killing people. Most children will grow up to e adults who occationally have sex, they will not grow up to be murderers..

  26. Frank,
    Your an idiot if you think thats a toy gun. Its a Springfield Tactical XDm in .40S&W

  27. pretty sure some one was going for the size comparison it’s amazing the number of things you photo next to your first baby just most are to busy with said child until the new wears off and good sense returns hence most photo’s are never inflicted upon the public anyone who thinks an infant could possibly harm herself with a firearm is not thinking this through

  28. hell yeah, son!

  29. I hope somebody castrated this inbred hick!

  30. Yes, we should teach our children how to use a gun in case they don’t blow their brains out.

    After watching some Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry cartoons, I’m sure every kid out there knows what a gun does. Or a TNT bomb. Or a grenade. Or a loaded cannon. Or gun powder. No need for tutorials like these.

    There are other ways of teaching children about weapons and how fucked up they are when stupid people use them.

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