Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Mom’s on Facebook

Check out this video a friend made!

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  1. THIRD!

  2. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hmm.. ya whatever @1… attention hog…
    those are some dudes with an awful lot of time on their hands… hehe I got a good chuckle out of it 🙂

  3. That is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! I gotta admit, I kinda dig the nut-hugger pants.

  4. You Got Doddified

    ‘Your Mom’s on Lamebook’ spoof anyone?

    My mom’s on Lameboook… submitted myself actin’ high…
    My mom’s on Lameboook… she posted back ‘TMI’…


  5. Fantastic! “I am so disappointed in your behavior.”

  6. thank god my mom isnt on facebook

  7. This was copied from another ‘My mom’s on facebook’ youtube video uploaded in November 2009 with almost exactly the same lyrics…

  8. “My interests are no longer bubble butts and sticky weed”
    That’s hilarious!

  9. Hahahaha! “I’m trying not to be bitter….cause she just found me on twitter!”

    That’s awesome!!

  10. Good song, but I do love the Lamebook mother posts.

  11. baha….hilarious…my mum is also on facebook :'(

  12. AnonymousBastard

    I asked my mom if she ever looks at my page on facebook. She said no because I never do or post anything interesting 🙁

  13. bubble butts and sticky weed….LOL

  14. Haha bloody classic

  15. this was classic. so bloody funny!

  16. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Can’t stop watching it!!

  17. Funny. They make a whole song ridiculing moms on FB, using bands from mom’s day…. like Queen and various hair bands. lol!

  18. “my childhood photos cock blocked me”

  19. That video had a huge production value for a joke thats only kind of funny

  20. Being a Mum on facebook is so much fun….

  21. Wow, I love that video. Only I think Dad’s on FB can almost be worse. I guess it depends on your parents 😉

    Life is Golden – http://melissa-anne-morris.blogspot.com

  22. I didn’t watch all of it cos I got a little misty eyed.
    Takes me back… Poison, Europe, Quiet Riot, Van Halen, and the list goes on.
    How I miss those long haired, eyelined, spandex wearing loons.
    Still love ya.

  23. This hits too close to home. My mom is indeed on facebook.

  24. Meh. Moms on Facebook aren’t the worst thing possible. After all, you could also have your dad, grandparents, uncles and aunts, little siblings, and random distant relations.

  25. Have you guys seen CollegeHumor’s Web Site Story? Kinda in the same genre.


  26. By the way, I know the CollegeHumor video is old. Just for those who haven’t seen it yet.

  27. I don’t think I’ll ever have the problem of my parents adding me on facebook. My parents live in an area that’s too isolated for broadband, their phoneline is too unreliable for dial-up, and anything else is too new and scary to them.

  28. thank fuck my mother doesn’t have twatbook.

  29. lol

  30. @anlg Yes.

    This one is ten times better:


  31. This is awesome…better than the link posted above.

  32. @Crimm Wow. Way more awesome than the link posted. Way more.

  33. My mom thinks Facebook is of the devil, so I don’t think I’ll ever have that problem. It makes great lamebook posts and awkward situations for others, though, and I must admit: I enjoy that!

  34. @word i miss them too-ooo-ooo!

    my brother and i are both under assumed names on fb so mum doesn’t find us and stalk us

    speaking of stalking….

  35. One way I avoid the “mom on facebook” scenario is to just not add her. I tell her straight to her face that I won’t be her friend on facebook, and make sure my profile is completely friends’ only, so I know she won’t see something she’s not meant to. Same thing applies to all my family, not just her.

  36. the voice of reason

    Maybe you should just conduct yourself in a manner that doesn’t cause your mother to regret giving birth to you.

  37. my mom also is on facebook, and since i live in a different country from her it’s the best way for her to catch up with new photos etc..i don’t really get what the problem is sine facebook provides plenty of possibilities to restict certain aspects of your profile thus control who sees what..so if you don’t want your mom to see you in a way she won’t like (and you care about it) just restrict her and stop being an ignorant whino..

  38. My family is on FB but my one brother uses a separate account for family.He must be too creepy on his real one I guess.

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